Shopping on Ebay to get a great deal

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How to Shop on EBAY to get a great deal.

Shopping is so much fun, and not leaving the house is even better.
Who wants crowds to fight through just to grab a bargain? Instead get your fingers working and place some bids.  Watching the bids go off is such a buzz. When the Auction is finished and I am the winner is even more of a big buzz. I get so excited that I will shout around the house and do a little "happy Dance".

To get a bargain with Ebay, here are my tips:-

1. Check out the Auction's that are only starting out at 99c.
2.  Check all last minute Auction to see what has not been sold
3.  Place your bid towards the last, so you have a better chance of winning
4.  Look for Auctions that are finishing at a weird time ie:- Late at night or early in the morning. That way not many people will be placing last minute bids.
5. Check out all of the feedback from the seller so that you know who you are shopping with and someone you can trust
6.  Any questions that you are not sure of the answers?  Then email them through to the buyer before the Auction ends.
7.  Once you are the winner (gosh I love when I am!!) then email through to the seller that you will be paying soon.
8.  Keep lines of Communication open at all time, it makes for a smoother transaction.
9.  Pay for item as soon as possible.
10.   When item arrives and is what you need/like/want and are happy then leave positive feedback.
11.  If the item is not to your satisfaction, then contact the seller asap.  As a seller my self I would like contact first, especially before any feed back is given, to come to some mutual resolution.
12.  Last but not least my number one rule is TO HAVE FUN shopping on EBAY no matter what you do!!

Thank you for your time.

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"Stay safe and have lots of fun, today, tomorrow and all the days ahead" from lisas boutique 4 you.

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