Short Guide To Keeping Secure On eBay and PayPal

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Many people have lost their identities using eBay because they're unaware of the signs to look out for. Phishing sites are one of the most effective ways for hackers to gain access to your eBay AND PayPal account.

Phishing is basically a site which looks and feels like eBay or PayPal (or other sites) when infact it's a website made to log your passwords and usernames, and other personal details about yourself.

Simple way around this, check your web browsers address bar to see if the website you are on is the legit website for the service you're trying to access. PayPal and eBay will never ask you for personal details, system administrators have access to this kind of information through their own databases, so ignore any emails requesting any kind of personal information.

Here is the scary part - If a hacker gets access to a powerseller or someone with 100 percent positive feedback they can then pose as that person, and sell fake items with trust of the buyers. They can even request personal details from you, pretending they need these details to ship or post your items. This can result in the loss of your eBay or PayPal account also. So the moment a seller requests personal details outside of eBay (or even through the eBay messaging system) you should report it straight to eBay.

Once you have lost your account, they will leave themselves positive feedback so other buyers are unaware of the fraud which is taking place with that account. And then many other buyers will end up being scammed due to a chain of stupidity.

Another thing is the option in eBay to keep your email address private - When you send eBay messages through the eBay system, you will have an option to keep your address private from the seller or buyer. Why should you keep it private? Let's take hotmail as an example. When you sign up with hotmail, you will be given the option to create a password tip. Many people make this password tip something very obvious and easy to remember. But they then forget about it after time goes by. The big problem is anyway can view this password tip. In Australia you don't even need a zipcode, all you need to do is set the country you live in which is obviously Australia, you then have access to the password tip. Now imagine if you made your password tip your phone number, or address - the seller now knows your password tip and can reset your password through hotmail and create a new one, they now have access to your email account. NOW, they can request a password reset email through eBay, simply login to YOUR email account which they've stolen and bingo, they now know your eBay password and will most likely change it and start frauding people. Who's going to get blamed for the fraud? You are. Because your eBay account has all YOUR details, not

Hope this short guide is helpful for other users in the eBay community which haven't got a clue how they could or have lost their account and eBay/PayPal identity.

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