Show Horse Browband, Making the Rosette

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 Making your own show browband is not as hard as you might think. In this guide you will find out how to make the rosette for your browband. No special equipment is needed, just a little patience and time. You can save a huge amount of money by making your own and the satisfaction of seeing your results is very rewarding. See my guide on making a "Webbing and Vinyl Browband".  How to ribbon weave a browband with 2 or more colours and lots of pony craft ideas is available on my Pony Craft CD, visit my store for details.

For the flag and attaching to browband see my guide entitled rosette flag and attaching flag to browband and finishing off.

Materials you will need for the project:

1. Rosette and flag template - usually made from cardboard, vinyl, buckram (I use cheap vinyl flooring).
2. Needle and thread (or strong glue if you don't want to sew).
3. Pleated and flat ribbon.
4. Marking pen/pencil.
5. Glue (to attach diamontes and bling)
6. Strong fabric/duc tape.
7. A browband that has already been embellished with ribbon.
8. Double sided tape (to hold things in place while you stitch or glue).
9. Sharp scissors.

1. Cut out templates from cardboard or vinyl, 2 of everything, see illustration. Mark sewing guides onto the two circles - these are going to form the rosette. I use a 20c coin for horses, 10c or $1 coin for ponies. Marking sewing guides will help keep your rosettes round. (If using cardboard as backing treat it with a craft sealer glue and allow to dry before going on. This will protect it from damage of sweat, dirt etc.)

2. Stitch (or glue) pleated ribbon around the circle templates. Line the edge of the ribbon along the guide you have drawn. I nearly always put two rows of ribbon, but one is fine especially if you don't like protruding browbands. (Illustration 2)

3. Repeat this process for the smaller of the two circle template pieces. Use double sided tape to tack down the last bit of ribbon helps keep the ends neat (Illustration 3). If you are using diamonte rings it is time to sew or glue it onto the larger of the two circles. (Note if you are using diamonte rings, make sure the inner circle template and ribbon fits inside it before you sew anything in place).
4. Illustration 5 and 6 & 7. It is time to sew or glue all the rosette elements in place . I prefer to sew, but use a little double sided tape to hold the pieces together while you sew. In illustration 7 I have used diamonte cup chain instead of diamonte rings (it is lighter in weight and looks just as good).

The rosette is complete and ready to be attached to the flag and browband. See next guide - making the flag -

I am happy to be contacted regarding this guide, if you need help or have suggestions go to my store - link below and send me a message.

This guide written by Colleen Keen

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