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I find it quite unbelievable how gullible many of you bidders are and how easily you are prepared to give away your money for worthless signed items. I have been a football fanatic all my life and have collected football memorabilia for 20 years. Just so you begin to open your eyes about what is really going on you have to understand we live in AUSTRALIA, we are a 3rd world footballing nation, we are improving rapidly as seen at the 2006 World Cup but world stars dont live around the corner. Maradona, Pele, Beckham, Cannavaro, Zidane, Ronaldinho, Ronaldo and other such stars live far away and they are not exactly people with time to sign jerseys for some aussie guy making a living out of Ebay. Are you starting to get my point?

Im here to save you money and introduce you to something more valuable than a fake signed shirt, Im here to offer you common sense and you get this from me today for free because Im a nice bloke and Im sick of seeing people getting ripped off.

Rules for buying a signed jersey or item..............

1. If a seller has signed jerseys of every mayor soccer player in the planet and lists 1 signed jersey per week of each player, doesnt this ring alarm bells for any of you? Doesnt it make you wonder how they have so many items? After all you are meant to be buying a piece of history, something which is rare an unique. But obviously not that rare since they have one to list every week.

2. Im sure you are thinking but of course the signed item is authentic, thats what the seller is telling me, they keep calling it authentic, they promise all types of guarantees and the most important evidence of its authenticity, wait for it...........a COA. Yes a COA - Certificate of Authenticity........of course some worthless piece of paper that can be created by any printer and can be signed by some unknown person obviously makes the item authentic. Im sorry to inform you that if you think there is any value to a COA then you are a sucker.

3. When buying a signed item you must do your research, you have to find ways of finding what a real signature looks like, this is hard work because there is more fakes around than real ones. Ask questions, when was it signed? where was it signed? what was the star doing at that place at that time? how can you be sure the star signed it? where you there? how did you get the chance to be close to such a person to get the item signed?

Finally just for those of you who still dont understand how this fraud works, I will explain.........

You start off by buying a whole bunch of fake Asian copy shirts at $15 each, then you go to a printer and ask them to make a whole bunch of COA, then you start practicing on your signature forfeiting abilities, you sign over and over again till signing as someone else becomes second nature to you, once you have mastered it you sign a shirt, you then write any details on the COA you can make up in your head and sign the COA, you can pretend to be anyone you want as witness to the item being authentic, you have faked a star's signature so another fake signature on the COA is just too easy. Then you are done, shirt cost you $15, printed COA maybe $2, add $3 for your time of practice.........Total $20

Then you list this garbage on eBay, sell it for $300 and you have made a $280 profit.

Of course Im totally against this and its absolutely disgusting that there is people who can rip people off like this but this happens because people dont use common sense. The sellers are making huge profits and have no conscience at all. Ebay is making money from the commission of these sales so why would they get involved? They cant be experts on signatures anyway and dont have the time to review every auction listed.

The sad thing is that the person who is most to blame is the Buyer for being so gullible, for not using common sense and for having such a great desire for a scribble on a jersey that it totally clouds they judgement. They want to beleive it so bad that they do not want to listen to any advice.

Next time you look at your fancy signed jersey framed and hanging proudly at your place take a moment to think about where it really came from. My estimate is that 90% of these items were probably signed by Joe Blog in his garage and not by a soccer star. But of course you always have a COA to provide you with comfort only if you have no common sense at all.



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