Silica Gel FAQs

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Silica Gel FAQs:

1) How do I know if the silica gel is sauturated?

Firstly, by using the professional indicator card. Usually the card will give you the indication on what sort of status of humidity

by showing the pink . There are around 4-6 circles with different level of humidity percentage.

Secondly, by checking the color of those beads, they will turn from transparent
to darker,brownish color.
This method is not very reliable as the silica gel may look solid and yet they are sauturated.

Thirdly,if the package contains red beads, the red beads are the indicators and they will turn
into blue when humidity presents.


2)How long will the silica gel last?

It depends. There are mainly two factors which contribute the outcome.
First is the enviroment , it has to be air-tight so that the silica gel can do the job ,
as this is a "small climate control"

Secondly, if the first initial pack was sauturated and you replace it with a new one, it would last much longer if the sealing
is still sufficient. In other words, the less frequency of exposing to the external air, the longer it will last.


3)Do you have a list of item types that silica gel can protect?

*Tackle box and fishing gears
*Tool boxes and storage containers
*Safes and vaults
*Firearms and weapons
*Photos and passports, birth certificates, video and music tapes etc...
*Collectables (stamps, coins, medals,etc.)
*Metal  parts, machinery and marine equipment 
*Medicine and medical equipment
*Electronics including circuit boards, parts, gadgets and batteries
*Music instruments
*Cameras and lens
*Food products, including dry food etc
*Pet foods
*Optical devices e.g., glasses and binoculars
*Leather products, e.g., shoes, handbags

*Golf bag & sports bag, e.g., climbing gears, caving gears.etc.


4)Can we reuse the silica gel after it is sauturated?

Yes! you can. the silica gel can be regenerated by heating it to 120 °C -150°C(250 °F-300°F) for
two-three hours in an oven.

The performance of the silica gel at this time would be gradually degrading anyway.

If you need decent protection for your valueables, purchase new ones.


5)How to choose proper size of silica gel?

2g, as space-saver,commonly used with small items,stamps,documents,cam lens,small electrical parts and gadgets,etc...

10g, similar to the above situations but in a bigger space or just to use its column.

100g, good for medium items, music instruments, weapon storage, marine electrical,suitcase,parcels,etc...

500g, good for machinery or parts, bigger parcels, large metals,freight containers,etc...


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