Silicon Power 32G SSD

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Ubuntu 9.10 with the IDE Silicon Power 32G SSD from Technology-Directions 

Before I start this review, must point out I am no way affiliated with Silicon Power or Technology-Directions (the ebay store)

  • Specs of Laptop
My older laptop (a Toshiba M200 Tablet 1.6Ghz Centrino [2004]) originally had Windows XP Tablet Edition on it. Since the RC of Ubuntu 9.10 is on par with the equivalent Windows 7, I've decided to go down that path. Paid $450 for it second hand on ebay. It came with 512Mb DDR1 Ram. I soon upgraded that to 2G and bought 2 new battery's all for under $300. This laptop was originally sold for $3000! Also has a GeforceFX Video card, great for 3D! The SSD Drive was delivered fully insured express post for around $150. So for $900 I have a great Tablet laptop under 1/3 of the original cost. :)

  • Original Boot-time
Although Windows may support hand writing recognition better than Linux, the boot time always sucked. 2 minutes 30 it would normal take with the Old 80G IDE 5400RPM (Hitachi) to enter into Windows.

  • Current Performance with the SSD Drive
This particular SSD drive running the EXT4 file system (under Ubuntu) performs a loading time of 25 Seconds. And a shut down time under 10 Seconds. How crazy is that?!?! I haven't done any tweaks to the OS yet, but am very happy with the new found performance! Must mention programs load much quicker now.

My Tablet pen worked out of the box, Sound, Network & Graphics Card also did. The only problems I've come across are the with the Fn Keys & Rotate Function. If your a typical Linux user you'll know how to go about fixing this.

For an old laptop, with the old IDE interface and old DDR 1 Ram. This laptop outperforms better than my newer $500 EEEpc 701 with Ubuntu 8.10 (EXT 3 File system).

  • Conclusion
If your a Windows user that is willing to make the change to 7, but hates Vista; Give the Ubuntu Distro a go! You can save yourself a stack of cash instead buying a new laptop. The Ubuntu community forum support is much better than what Microsoft has to offer. You can only buy new netbooks for the price I've paid on this laptop. But there are none that have tablet functions for my price.

This laptop I have is used for on-site technical analysis of networks, It fulfills all of my requirements. Open source software just got a whole lot better with the SSD Drive.

Buy one, you won't regret it!
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