Silver Filled.... Not Always SILVER Filled

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Silver Filled are not always Silver Filled
Some Sellers are selling Silver Filled Jewelry, but they are not always Silver Filled.
for example the Earring in the picture is Silver Plated but it is Filled as well but not with Silver it's Filled with Zinc Alloy, however when a customer buy this earring he'll find that it's not low quality in fact it's very high quality, Finishing and plating. Make sure to ask the seller and check the description if the seller stated that the item is Silver Filled. you have to know what is the value of the item you are selling, so for example if you found a item that it say Silver Filled and it cost $10 than simply it is impossible that this item is Silver Filled, it might be filled but not with silver. Silver Filled are considered as expensive jewelry.
Note: This guide is not targeting or offending any seller on eBay, some eBay sellers mention Silver Filled in the title just for ranking purposes or without they even noticing that the two words "Silver and "Filled" came next to each other to form a phrase " Silver Filled" while what they mean is that the item is Silver Plated and it is filled in metal.
Hopefully this guide helps some eBay Customers as well as eBay Sellers and by the way at the moment I’m not selling any silver filled jewelry they are all Silver Plated. Please feel free to take a look and I’m happy to listen to your suggestions and/or comments

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