Silver - What the Government won't tell you...

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News: Australian government inflates our currency by decreasing interest rates that encourages credit (money) creation - thus devaluing the purchasing power of your savings!

The price of Silver has already risen 30% in 2009. Have your stocks performed as well?.

Are you benefiting from the inflationary measures being taken by our government, and governments worldwide, by purchasing precious metals, or are your savings and investments being erroded through inflation?

It's no secret, Governments around the world are printing money to inflate their way out of the current economic turmoil. They don't like to tell you that inflation is rampant - but we're seeing it in the first place it hits - our grocery prices and at the pump.

Gold and Silver has stood the inflationary effects of government for many hundreds of years. In major inflationary periods, many savvy investors have profited extremely by investing in precious metals (as gold and silver are real money).

You NEED to protect your purchasing power if you don't want to pay the ultimate, and most expensive tax - INFLATION.

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