Simple Ebay Success

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Making a steady income on ebay is easily done although it will require a little bit of effort. There are a few simple steps wich will make your ebay experience and Profits enjoyable.

Look at as many other sites as you can stand - Other ebayers have been through lots of difficultys and Good Times on ebay. Many hours of correspondence with their customers make good guidelines for your Ebay Site.

Offer the best service you possibly can - Find out what good service really is Think about what makes you happy when buying a product and make it part of your selling policy. Think of new services you can offer your customers. I offer express post for faster delivery the express bag holds up to 3kg for the same price if the item sold weighed less I could put a bonus item in the bag at no cost to me and the buyer recived more than they expected.

Give a good guarentee of your product If you accept returns then your customers are more likely tor return to you .

Communication - Great communication is very important to being successful on the ebay network your customer will like to know where there product and money are Always answer your email.

It dosen't matter what you are selling Make your product description as accurate as possible your customer will be dissapointed if you overate your item.

Posting the sold item must be as fast secure and economical as possible. Most buyers would like there item within one week if you can deliver within days imagine that!. Secure delivery ' Its understandable from time to time but a real downer if the item never arrives. Use the most secure option whether it is registered mail or postage insurance it can create peace of mind for you and your customer.You cand include packing and handling but nobody likes to pay $20.00 for postage only to find it cost $10.00 to deliver.

To sum it all up : Look at other ebay sites.

                          Give good service not false service

                          Guarentee your Product

                          Communicate don't ignore your customers

                          Never exaggerate your Product description

                          Post your item as Fast Securely And Economically as you can.

If you follow these simple tips your Ebay Site will  have a good start  to being a successful Ebay Trader.

Happy Selling and Bidding.





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