Simple Selling for Success with Console Games

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Selling Console Games On Ebay

Ever had a listing that sold at a low price or didn't sell at all ?


Selling is Simple and that is how your listing should be !


The 10 Basics of Simple Selling



1. Make sure that your listing is in the correct category, it can be very easy to list an Xbox 360 Game under Xbox games where prospective Xbox 360 Game buyers will not be looking !

2. Make sure your listing description is spelled correctly and includes any words that Buyers may search for (eg. If you are selling a Xbox 360 game called Project Gotham Racing 3. Make sure the spelling is correct and include abbreviations such as "PGR3" as buyers will search for this rather than typing in full game names. Buyers can't and won't see or find your listing.  

3. Game descriptions can usually be kept to a minimum, Buyers usually know the game they want to purchase. I have found that a size 36 font best for game title and size 18 font for game description. I have found that this style of  format have proved very successful. Always list if the game is New or Used . The format PAL/NTSC (see below). and a brief Game description.

4. Always start your listing at $.01 buyers are attracted to a bargain and generally will start low and follow the course of the auction rather than bidding high to begin with. If you aren't prepared to do this your best option is to list with a "Buy it Now Price" Buyers know the the item will be theirs and not outbid at the last moment. The Buyer dosen't have to wait until the Auction Ends

5. Include a Quality picture, you can not beat the saying "A picture says a thousand Words" Listings without a picture or a low quality picture quite often receive little or no bids, Why? because Buyers want to see what they are buying, it's that simple !

6. Use Ebays listing designer and include a background instead of a plain white background. one of the best ways is to look at other listings and take note of what you Personally find appealing in the listing and ultimately would make you Bid on that item. Also consider Highlights or Borders on your listing. Allthough these options will cost you more, It will attract more Buyers to your listing, resulting in higher prices!

7. Include Postage costs. Buyers want to know what the "All Up" costs will be. If you do not show postage options buyers can easily look at sellers items that do show postage, faster and easier than Emailing you to find out how much postage is. Postage across Australia is fairly standardized so there shouldn't be much variance. I generally only post via Express Registered Post at a cost of  $6.95. More expensive that other options, however is very fast for the Buyer to receive and is great assurance for the Buyer & Seller.

8. Payment options are also very important. Ebay offers Various options, I have found that "Bank Deposit" & "Pay Pal" to be the most commonly used. Pay Pal is proving more and more popular whith buyers able to make immediate payment. Pay Pal is Fast, Safe & Secure. I have sent many items the same day as Auction as closed. Resulting is Fast Smooth and most importantly "Positive Feedback"

9. In Australia All console games are in "Pal" Format this is our video standard,  The UK is also PAL format. In the USA they have a different format called "NTSC"  Make sure you clearly list your Format,  As "PAL" games will not work in a "NTSC" console and Visa Versa If in doubt just check the back of the game usually at the bottom where it will be clealy labeled.

10. Listing duration, Time and Date. I have found 7 - 10 day listings the best  (Maximum Exprosure) I also have most listings ending on a Sunday late afternoon or early evening ( times where buyers are browsing  through Ebay).


I'm sure that if you follow the simple steps above you will see that Simple really Sells !

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