Simple Steps to a Killer eBay Sales Letter

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 There are several simple steps to creating a killer sales letter for your eBay selling business; here are a few you can use immediately.

1. Explain How The Buyer Comes Out On Top. Pile on the benefits. Let them know what they get as a result of owning the item. Create a list of one valuable advantage after another. Set them up as powerful bullet points so prospects can quickly grasp the main benefits and move on quickly.

Write your bullet points like headlines. Simply preface each big benefit with a phrase like these, or something similar...

3 Little-Known Ways To...

A Simple, 3-Minute Solution To...

The Amazing Secret Of...
Writing an effective sales letter is not difficult once you understand the basics involved. Here's a multi-step formula to create an effective sales letter.

1. Capture Your Best Prospect's Attention. Use your title and Gallery image to woo potential buyers to your full Item Description. Give them the information they want and need to qualify themselves as prospects. If you're selling black leather jackets, you need to let people know early that your jackets are available in black only. This disqualifies those looking for brown, beige, blue, purple or any other color.

Deliver the words that would most interest a buyer and make a big promise. Promise, large promise is the soul of an advertisement said British author, Samuel Johnson back in the 1700's. And he was right. Making a big promise is just as effective today on eBay.

There are numerous ways to create headlines to launch into your full-scale sales pitch. But the easiest way to unveil the big promise of your item is to lead with the time-tested How To headline approach. Start with How To and just add an appealing promise that your product can help the buyer get, enjoy, achieve, or profit from.

2. Reveal Why Your Prospect Should Be Very Interested In Your Ad. Expand on the promise of your headline. Create a vivid image of the desired results. Paint a glorious picture by having them imagine what it's going to be like to own your item, to use it, to enjoy it, to be able to treasure it, profit from it, or pass it along as a family keepsake.

It's important to put your potential buyer in the picture. In order to buy, they need to feel the advantages of doing so. And in order to feel it, they have to be able to see the picture in their mind.

Get them enthused enough, and the pleasurable images will consume them. But don't hesitate to get the ball rolling by encouraging prospects to Imagine that or to Picture this in your mind's eye. Allow them to mentally entertain the idea and the corresponding benefits will invariably shine through. Sell the dream, not the item.

3. Make Yours A Rare Offering. People in general and eBayers specifically love original, rare, or unique items and packages. Therefore, you want your particular offer to stand out and be extra special when compared to anything similar. Instead of offering a product, make it a package. Add unique value with extra bonuses. Information products make excellent bonuses for just about any item you want to sell in quantities. Once you've created it, it's simply a matter of duplication. It's the information itself that holds value. Create a package deal that's exclusively yours. That way your prospects simply cannot get the same thing anywhere else.

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