Simple steps to being a great seller on ebay

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eBay is exciting …. It’s an addiction for some! It’s amazing to see so many weird and wonderful things combined into one area. There is definitely something for everyone. Finding the item and bidding on it is just one small part. Winning the item is a great feeling and then receiving the item as it is described gives you great satisfaction. One thing is for sure, it’s awesome fun!

I have written this guide from my personal experience selling and buying on eBay and my dealings with other eBay sellers. The aim of this guide is how to be a great seller on eBay and have a positive eBay experience all the time.

1> Listings:

  • Use as much detail as possible when describing the item. The more information the better.
  • Be honest with your descriptions.
  • Include any damages or faults that the item may have. A picture tells a thousand words. Include a picture of the fault or offer potential buyers the chance to email you for a photo.
  • Promote your item with the use of Gallery and Bold functions available on eBay.
  • Be open to communication with questions from potential buyers.
  • Be reasonable when setting your starting price - remember that we are all here for a BARGAIN - no one will bid if they think the price is too high!
  • Be reasonable with your postage costs - some clothing is light enough to be posted for $1 … don’t rip other ebayers off with the postage costs as they won’t come back.
  • Combine postage - this encourages people to see what else you have on offer!
  • Cross Promote all your items for better publicity!


  • Answer all questions from potential buyers promptly
  • Check your email and messages on a regular basis
  • Advise your ebayers if you are going away
  • Be polite and friendly

3>Posting the item:

  • Use correct postage amount - if the cost is more than what you quoted - you learn for next time. If the postage is cheaper than quoted - send a message to the buyer and send the difference either with the parcel or offer the discount off another item - this can encourage more business.
  • Remember that people won’t come back if they have been ripped off with postage fees.
  • Package the items securely and neatly.
  • Label the envelope or package correctly - confirm the postal address with the buyer upon checkout.
  • Label the envelope neatly and always include your contact information.
  • Secure the parcel appropriately.
  • Send the buyer a quick email to let them know that the item is on it’s way.


  • Always leave feedback.
  • If the experience wasn’t as great as you would have liked, well - work together to get to a good outcome - communication is the key.


Finally - always remember to have fun, bid carefully and enjoy eBay!



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