Six Do’s and Don’ts to Maintaining Leather Furniture

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Six Do’s and Don’ts to Maintaining Leather Furniture

When it comes to leather furniture, there are a few simple things owners can do to keep their investment in the best condition. With proper maintenance, homeowners will find that their furniture looks better and better each year. Though it’s known for durability, this type of furniture should still be treated with care. Wrinkles can add a distinguished look to a piece of furniture, but large scuffs and tears in the leather can be an eyesore. When properly attended to, leather furniture will age with style and grace. Owners can help keep their leather furniture looking rich and supple by following these simple do’s and don’ts.

Don’ts to Maintaining Leather Furniture

People who would like their leather furniture to have a long and healthy life should protect the furniture from unnecessary wear and tear. Just because it’s durable, doesn’t mean it’s invincible. Here are a few things owners should not do if they want their leather furniture to look outstanding for many years to come.

Don’t Neglect Leather Furniture

The worst thing an owner of leather furniture can do is nothing at all. The lifespan of a piece of furniture can be shortened dramatically by not taking the time to maintain it correctly. It may seem like a no-brainer, but many people expect that leather couches and chairs will be fine without any special attention. Those who choose to ignore and neglect their leather furniture will soon be wondering why it looks so dirty and damaged. Homeowners should also be diligent about quickly cleaning up any spills on their leather couches, chairs, and ottomans.

Don’t Let Stains Set

Though leather furniture is harder to stain than fabric upholstery, spills should still be dealt with as soon as possible to prevent discoloration. First, any excess spillage should be carefully removed before it does further damage. A dry, soft cloth can be used to blot the area. Often, spills can be removed before they stain the leather, without the need for additional cleaning products. A wet cloth can be used on some spills if dry blotting is not enough, but applying water to a grease stain could make matters worse. Greasy or oily stains may need professional attention, so owners are cautioned against spilling food on leather furniture. A mild water - based cleaner can be used on especially hard-to-remove stains that are not oil-based, but no products should be applied without first conducting a spot test.

Don’t Forget to Spot Test Any Potential Maintenance Product

The leathers used to make furniture can vary, which means that not all cleaning and stain removal products will have the same effect. Even formulas that claim to be made for any kind of leather could potentially cause damage, so owners are advised to first test any new cleaners or conditioners before applying them all over. This can be done by dabbing a small amount of the product on the leather, in a spot that is normally hidden from view. A small corner on the back of a piece is a good place for a spot test, and it will allow the owner to see the effects of a product without ruining his or her furniture in the process.

Do’s to Maintaining Leather Furniture

Though it may appear that way, older leather couches do not gain a distinguished patina if simply left in a corner to collect dust. The distinctive look of well-aged leather comes from properly caring for the piece when it’s not in use, and from knowing the right way to clean it. By taking some advice from the following list of maintenance suggestions, owners can have their leather furniture looking better than ever.

Do Dust and Vacuum Leather Furniture

Regularly dusting leather furniture is one of the easiest things people can do to keep it looking sharp. Large furniture dusters make it easy to clean even hard to reach spots. Dusting will help the leather look vibrant rather than dingy, and it will prevent dirt from being worked into the creases. A vacuum cleaner is another useful tool for maintaining leather furniture because it can reach crumbs and other debris hidden in tiny crevices. Homeowners should consider vacuuming their furniture just as often as they vacuum the floors. Another option is to keep leather furniture covered so that it won’t need to be dusted or vacuumed as often.

Do Keep Leather Furniture Covered

Individuals should consider covering their leather furniture with lightweight sheets when not in use. This will protect it from dirt and dust, and it won’t need to be cleaned as often. This will also keep sunlight off the furniture, which can dry out and crack the leather over time. When leather furniture is located in a high-traffic area, a slipcover might be more effective at keeping grease and grime at bay. Homeowners who want to be sure their leather furniture looks great every time they uncover it should also clean and condition the leather every few months.

Do Nourish and Condition Leather Furniture

People who are committed to maintaining their leather furniture should also consider cleaning and conditioning it every so often. There are many suitable cleaning products that can be used to wipe down leather furniture and cushions. Saddle soap effectively removes built-up dirt and dust while also improving the appearance of the leather. Microfiber and other lint-free rags work well for cleaning and maintaining this type of furniture. Special conditioning products, sometimes called hide food, can be used to refresh and rejuvenate the appearance of leather upholstery, but in a pinch, olive oil will also work in a similar fashion. Though the benefits of well-planned maintenance may not be instantly apparent, over time, these small measures will leave leather furniture looking aged to perfection.

Where to Buy Products for Maintaining Leather Furniture

Owners who would like to begin maintaining their leather furniture can start by collecting all the necessary tools. Cleaning products can easily be found in many retail locations. Grocery stores and supermarkets are likely to have plenty of options, and pharmacies might also carry leather cleaners and conditioners. Department stores are a good source of cleaning products and other helpful items such as lint-free cleaning rags and extendable dusters. Stores that exclusively sell leather goods will certainly offer various maintenance products. Saddle shops, which specialize in equestrian gear, generally have a supply of leather cleaners which could also be used on furniture, and they often sell buffing tools as well. Many online retailers also carry these items. Buyers who want to compare a number of available products can also shop online auction sites like eBay.

Find Leather Furniture Maintenance Products on eBay

If you just bought a new piece of leather furniture, or if you have decided to start maintaining an older piece, you may want to pick up a few items to help care for it. By searching the eBay auction listings, you can find various applicable tools for maintaining leather. Once you compare the options and decide you want to make a purchase, eBay encourages you to use PayPal to complete your transaction.

Compare Products and Prices

After searching for leather maintenance products on eBay, you’ll find there are a number of listings for useful items. By selecting refinements from the list on the left side of every search results page, you can narrow down the choices based on features such as price, seller, and buying format. If you are interested in a product, add it to your Watch List, where you’ll be able to easily access the listing if you decide to bid or use the Buy it Now feature.

Use PayPal for Secure Purchases

Though eBay accepts a number of payment methods, PayPal is preferred by most buyers and sellers. Every listing will tell you which payments options are accepted by that seller, so you should always take this information into consideration before making a purchase. PayPal is a safe and secure way to shop online, and it won’t require you to divulge any personal information to the seller. Most top-rated sellers will be more than happy to accept PayPal payments.


Regardless of the style, leather furniture requires regular maintenance to look its best. This type of upholstery is prized for its quality and durability, and it can be a sophisticated addition to any room. Yet without proper care, the leather may become dingy, losing its supple feel and glossy appearance. Rather than ignoring their leather furniture, homeowners should keep in mind that a few small measures can make all the difference. By remembering to keep leather furniture covered, owners can prevent unwanted sun damage and protect against spills. It’s recommended that owners of leather furniture clean and condition each piece occasionally, as this will help keep the leather nourished and less prone to cracks. When maintained correctly and consistently, leather furniture can last for many years without needing a great deal of attention. Buyers looking for a huge selection of leather maintenance products can start by browsing the many options available on eBay.

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