Sizing Wheels for Motorcycle

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How to Choose the Correct Size Wheels for Your Motorcycle

Finding the perfect motorcycle may feel like the biggest, most important aspect of a bike purchase, but even more crucial is choosing a bike that can be easily maintained. At some point over the joy-filled life of a motorcycle owner, it is probable that one or both wheels will need to be replaced. Good quality wheels that are suitable for the rider’s needs are important, but most important are wheels that fit the bike.
All motorcycles do not come equipped with the same sized wheels, and riders want to ensure they know the size of the wheels needed before the search is begun. There’s no point in spending hard-earned money on the best wheels money can buy if they won’t fit the bike. Properly fitting wheels not only make the ride safer, they allow the motorcycle to perform at its fullest potential, making the ride more secure and far more enjoyable. Before searching on eBay for the best name brand wheels to fit a motorcycle, learn how to tell what size wheel particular bikes require, then carefully order a wheel that fits those specs.


How To Properly Read Motorcycle Wheel Sizes For Most Makes and Models

There is a series of easy to follow steps to search for and order the correct motorcycle wheel size. The first step is learning to read the identification numbers that can be found on the side of the existing wheel. This series of numbers and letters was printed on the wheel by the manufacturers, for reference. Identify the largest series of numbers, which will resemble something along the lines of 120/80-16. On this example wheel, 120 is the measurement, in millimetres, of the motorcycle wheel from tread to tread, edge to edge. Width is the most important wheel measurement. If a motorcycle wheel is even a bit smaller width-wise than it is meant to be, the bike will not ride as smoothly, and the driver could be risking physical injury.
The 80mm measurement in the example wheel represents the ratio between the height of the wheel and the width. Taking the width (120 in this case), and multiplying it by 0.80 (the number representing the ratio with the decimal moved over two spaces), will give a height of 96 mm. The final number in the sequence is the diameter of the wheel rim. It is important to note that this measurement is in inches, rather than millimetres. Directly after the series of numbers should be two capitalised letters. The first should always be “M,” which informs buyers that the wheel has been approved for use on a motorcycle. The second letter is a bit like code, verifying the numeric measurements.


Choosing An Appropriately Sized Motorcycle Wheel

After learning to correctly identify the numbers and measurements on a wheel, start searching for motorcycle wheels on eBay. Remember to never force on a wheel that is too big for a motorcycle. This can cause damage to the bike and potentially cause an accident. It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to motorcycle wheels. Here are a few ways to double check wheel measurements to ensure accuracy before ordering.

Consult the Owner’s Manual

The owner’s manual that came with the bike is one of the most reliable places to look for the motorcycle wheel size. Checking for misprints by matching the number from the side of the wheel to the number printed in the owners manual helps to ensure the right wheel sizes are ordered.

Contact A Motorcycle Dealer or Mechanic

If there is no number to reference, but the year, make and model of the motorcycle is known, an experienced professional who works with motorcycles will be able to determine the wheel size needed.

Measure the Wheel Manually

If all other methods for determining size have been exhausted, or to double check the previous work, measure the wheel with a measuring tape to see if the numbers add up. Remember to use the same method of measurement, or the calculations will be extremely incorrect.


Buying New And Used Motorcycle Wheels On eBay

eBay is a great place to search for awesome deals on the best brands of motorcycle wheels in a variety of sizes. Before purchasing make sure all of the sellers carry the size of motorcycle wheels that are needed. Next, check payment methods and shipping options to make sure those are acceptable. Always review the seller feedback before purchasing motorcycle wheels. eBay provides a place for buyers to leave reviews of sellers on the sellers’ pages. Consider buying motorcycle wheels from a seller with recent motorcycle parts sales and positive feedback to go with it.

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