Ski Binding Warning on EBAY- By LARRYADLERSTORE

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Hello all,

This is a general waring for all EBAY Buyers who are looking at purchasing SKIS on EBAY.

All ski bindings have internally a spring which is designed to hold you into the binding while skiing and when the correct amount of force is put on the binding in the case of a fall the spring becomes compressed and you then fall out of the binding. The springs come in different strengths like 0.75-4.5 for kids, 3-11 or 4-12 or 6-16 etc for Adults.

The Spring (DIN) is set for a person weight/height/boots sole length and skier ability. The heavier you are the higher the number is the general rule. Most adult females are around a DIN of 6.0, and most adult males are around 7.0 to 8.0. The best in the long term for the spring is if your DIN setting is in the middle of the scale. EG a DIN range of 3-11 the middle is 7.0, if you are right at the bottom or top of the DIN range the spring release function will not be as accurate in real life compared to the visual settings.

The WARNING I would like all to know is that; ski bindings older than 8 years old are legally NOT allowed to be adjusted in either the release setting number (DIN) or for a different boot length in any ski shop around the world. The binding manufacture puts out a list which tells the ski shops which ski bindings are no longer allowed to be adjusted.

So what should you do?


Some bindings which are too old are:

SALOMON bindings which END in 7. EG 747, 977

Marker: Mark 2, Mark 3, and soon to finish are ones like M28, M41

EssVar: all are getting close to use by date.

Look: 930's, N77's and any N series

Tyrolia: 470's, and Most like 360, 480's,

Any ski binding which the brakes are facing the front of the ski towards the tip.

If you are not sure ask the Seller the age of the bindings if around 10 years old I would suggest do not buy them.

Happy Skiing

Larry Adler

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