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Everybody in the world has a different type of skin, wheather it be dry, rough, oily, shiny or smooth. For our skin to develop, as we get older, in a healthy way we have to take the right precautions to treating our skin. If your friend recommends a exfoliant or a face cream that she/he uses, always consider if it is the right range for your type of skin. There are 3 types of skin - air, fire and earth. An air skin type usually has a little dryness in the skin, a few inpurfections around the T-zone, no shine and has slight bluish undertones. A fire skin type can be prone to a little sensitivity and redness, has slight shine on the nose and/or chin, usually has a pale complexion with reddish undertones. And finally an earth skin type is often quite oily with larger pores, has deep blind pores, and few yellowish undertones.

Different treatments will work on your skin depending on what type you are. Here are a few tips on how to treat your skin if you are a:

Air Skin Type- To exfoliate, a mixture of almond meal, milk and a pinch of sugar is a great scrub to to get rid of those dead skin cells. Massage it into your face gently in a circular motion, and rinse with warm water. It is also a good idea to pat your face dry rather than rubbing it, as this can wipe of the fresh layer the scrub leaves. Top it off with a gentle facial moisturiser that contains some sun protection.

Fire Skin Type - This type of skin is usually fairly sensitive, therefore you should use a mixture of barley meal, grated lemon rind, and milk to smooth the skin without being too harsh on the skin. Make sure the mixture is gently massaged into the skin. Use a fresh, fluffy towel to wipe the face afterwards.

Earth Skin Type - To acheive a smooth, fresh complexion use a mixture of almond meal, grated orange rind and milk.This type of skin only needs a light scrub/wash, so make sure the circular motion of massaging is light and gentle. Rinse of with cool water, and pat the skin until its dry.

If you follow the rules on how to treat your skin correctly, you will soon see the result. A great range of products is Clarins. I myself have fire skin type and i find that it works really well in keeping your skin in control. It also works for the other skin types because of its wide selection. Here is where you can find Clarins products. Enjoy, and don't forget to treat your skin for your type only.

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