Skin care tips.

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A few tips to know

I hope this guide will help you understand the science of the skin and how important it is to have a daily regimen for a healthy skin.

Our skin is the single largest organ of our body so it is imperative to look after it.
A good skin care regimen only needs to take few minutes daily and the results can be amazing,  it can be the difference between a tired dehydrated skin and a soft supply skin.

Good skin reflects your body's health and looks its best when all the cells are functioning at optimum and are hydrated. This occurs when the cells are properly nourished and hydrated, allowing regeneration.  

In terms beautiful skin requires both internal and external products for good health  

Never Put Products With  Harsh Chemicals And Preservatives on your Skin

Preservatives are used in products to increase the shelf-life. Parabens are the most common form of preservative are know to cause allergies and irritate skin. Beware of products using an alternative such as Formaldehydes, they are know to be toxic and very unhealthy for your skin.

Try and find products that don't use preservatives and have the ability to self preserve. This means the pH levels are very accurate for best results.  Look for products with Lipids and Amino acids derivatives, they help deliver the ingredient as well as protecting the products.

Nurture your skin with anti oxidants

Free-radicals are responsible for 92% of the premature ageing, they accelerate the process of oxidation which damages our skin. This process can only be prevented by using an anti-oxidants to fortify the cells from the free radicals. 

The benefits of vitamin C directly to the skin is excellent for treating the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles that are caused by free radicals. . Flavonoid are another anti oxidant great for the skin. It is derived from the whole-grape extract, which are again powerful natural antioxidants that shield and protect from free radicals. 

Your Step By-Step routine

Cleanse morning and night.  A good gel-based cleanser will not foam easily or cause irritation, if you find your gel cleanser foaming up quickly you may find it is too alkaline and can cause sensitivity.  Cleansers that easily foam usually are are soap-based with low pH.  

Use warm water to open the pours of your skin and then use a gently cleanse the skin. 

Exfoliation is my favourite step, we suggest to use a gentle exfoliation 1 to 3 times a week after cleansing.  Exfoliation loosens dead skin cells and will reveal fresh new cells. Your skin will instantly feel smoother, look brighter and feel fresher.
Apply the exfoliant by hand in small circular motions , each brand is different so make sure you read the instructions.

The importance of Masks - Depending on the skin concern a mask should help either hydrate and condition the skin or purify it from excess oil and impurities.  All good masks should replace lost nutrient and nourish your skin.  Results should always be instant.

Always do a mask after exfoliation. Apply a generous amount of the mask for about 20 minutes . Some masks have different instructions so make sure you read them.

Moisturise  - The primary role of a moisturiser is to add moisture to the skin, leaving it soft and hydrated. Moisturising is something everyone should be doing, especially men after shaving.  We suggest to have an SPF in your daily moisturiser to prevent premature ageing.

Make note that your evening moisturiser should be a little more intensive or a serum should be added for intensity. Our body in in renewal and repair mode while we are sleeping so by using something more intensive you will benefit with the results.

Looking after our Internal Skin 

In addition to regular regimen of cleansing, exfoliating, treatment mask and moisturising, it is also important to look after the inside and understand that skin care starts internally. If your body is healthy, your skin reflects your health. ITS THAT SIMPLE

We suggest to see a good naturopath that can advise best vitamins to take so the internal glow.

We hope this was of interest to you.
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