Slip on Exhaust Buying Guide

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Slip on Exhaust Buying Guide

Motorcycle owners often look for simple upgrades that can improve both the look and performance of the bike, and one upgrade that appeals to many riders is to add a slip on exhaust. This simple modification to a motorcycle's exhaust system can improve horsepower and even enhance the sound of a bike. By learning the ins and outs of this type of modification and understanding how to select a slip on exhaust, motorcycle owners can determine whether this upgrade works for their needs.


Slip on exhaust vs. full system exhaust

Motorcycle owners have two choices when it comes to upgrading an exhaust system on a bike: a slip on exhaust or a full system exhaust. A full system exhaust is a complete replacement of a stock or existing exhaust system, from where it connects to the engine block all the way to the tailpipe. A slip on exhaust replaces just the muffler on a bike's exhaust system.

Advantages of a slip on exhaust

Utilising a slip on exhaust offers a number of advantages when upgrading or restoring a bike. First, the installation process is simple. A slip on option gives more low-end power, so that riders get more power when accelerating from idle. This makes it a good choice for commuters who find themselves in stop-and-go scenarios, or sport bike riders who need a strong push up front to pull tricks such as wheelies. Additionally, a slip on exhaust can give the bike's sound a more assertive profile.


Choosing a slip on exhaust

Consumers contemplating a new slip on exhaust for a bike have a number of factors to consider, including design and the material used for the exhaust. Understanding the distinctions within each of these categories can help streamline a consumer's selection.

Mounting style

One issue to consider in terms of design is whether a slip on exhaust is a high mount exhaust or a low mount exhaust. High mount exhausts are typically a good choice for sport bikes with only one rider, as they can include the option of a raised seat or the removal of a second passenger seat. High mount exhausts also give the bike a more assertive, sport profile. Low mount slip on exhausts require no modifications to a seat layout.

Material selection

Motorcycle owners should consider the material used in a slip on exhaust when making a selection, as each type of material offers its own range of advantages to the user.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel is one of the most common materials used in motorcycle exhaust systems. A stainless steel exhaust is a durable option that is often more affordable than other materials, but it is also heavier. Because of this, sport riders or racers may want to select a lighter exhaust. Steel slip on exhausts are considered to be easier to repair than other options, because they typically just dent when damaged instead of cracking or shattering.


Titanium is a very lightweight option for a slip on exhaust, but often comes at a high price point. This lightweight design makes it a favourite choice for off-road bikes and sport motorcycles, where any extra weight can cause drag or make handling more difficult. It features a high-gloss look that complements its steel and chrome accessories.

Carbon fibre

Like titanium, carbon fibre is lightweight and a good sport or racing option. With its smoky grey-black finish, it offers a unique look. Consumers can often find carbon fibre slip on exhausts with steel or titanium accents that create a cool, high-contrast look. Unlike steel, carbon fibre cracks or shatters when damaged and can be somewhat difficult to repair.


Aluminium offers a balancing point between steel and titanium or carbon fibre. It is often more budget-friendly than titanium or carbon fibre, but not always as durable. It is lightweight, and a good option for those who do not want to weigh down the bike.


How to buy slip on exhausts on eBay

If you are a motorcycle owner looking for a slip on exhaust to upgrade a bike, you have a wide variety of choices on eBay. You can begin with the search bar available on any page of the site and run a keyword search for a desired item. By using a general keyword term such as "slip on exhaust", you can review a wide range of products. If you want to view more precise results, make sure to use specific search terms such as "carbon fibre slip on exhaust".

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