Snipping is easier then screen shot in windows.

Like if this Guide is helpful

How to use the Snipping tool in Windows 7 onwards.

It's a lot quicker and simpler to use then using screen print via Paint and you don't need to  crop it either.
To use it just click on the Start program button and put snipping tool into the search bar.
I have mine pinned to the taskbar,(once opened just right click on it when it's on the taskbar and select:  pin to taskbar ).
Then it's a simple task to access it each time you want to take a "screen shot".
To use it just go to the page you want to copy and just click on the Snipping tool and
a + sign button will appear.
Place the + where you want to start and then left click on it and drag it across the
area that you want to capture until you have what you need.
Release the button and go to the top left and click on file.
Click on Save As... and add the title you want and then Save.
That will put it into your pictures folder and you can then use it the same as any
other picture on your PC.
As the require all guides to be 200 words long I've added a bit of other info:
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