So You Want To Buy Banknotes... don't get scammed

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99% of the notes I sell are uncirculated, meaning they have never been in general circulation, and are usually taken straight from bundles. Hence there are no misunderstandings about the conditions of the banknotes. When it comes to used banknotes, this can be rather difficult. Unfortunately there are sellers out there t

Used banknotes - Everyone grades their notes differently so check the photos for a fuller description. If the pictures are not clear, especially if it’s an expensive banknote, ask the seller for more detailed photos. The price difference between note grades can be staggering, so unless you're buying a very expensive banknote from a trusted seller, you may be in for a very expensive lesson. Some dirty sellers purchase used banknotes cheaply and enhance their appearance by cleaning etc and reselling at huge profits - view the other guides in banknotes...

Uncirculated banknotes - If the banknote you're buying is fairly expensive and you're not sure of the value, and don't have a catalogue, search for that banknote elsewhere in eBay and see what prices they are going for. Even try on
Google is a wonderful search engine. Do a search for that particular note, or banknote dealers, and you should find it.

A great place for sharing information about suss banknotes and sellers, is the 'coin & stamps' discussion board in the Community. There have been instances of sellers selling expensive banknotes that have been washed / cleaned  etc, so it's always worthwhile checking out the board. Other guides are also invaluable.

It's advisable to check the sellers rating and recent comments to see if there's been any negative feedback, and even see what other items the seller has listed. For example, if a seller has a dozen feedbacks but has only sold cheap items (to get the feedback rating up) then suddenly has a very expensive banknote listed...alarm bells should go off.

If you do have a problem with a seller and it genuinely cannot be resolved, contact Ebay for assistance.
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