So how does divining work ?

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Every persons physical body is an energy system and has the ability to connect to everything around it. 

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So how does divining work ?
Every persons physical body is an energy system and has the ability to connect to everything around it.  The basis of using metal rods is that they become an extension of our own energy field able to be directed in an external form to guide and direct us consciously, until we are able to realise that we are connected to everything and able to consciously tune into these energies on our own. They enable us to pick up very minute currents of energy, however, it is not the rod that does this. Rather it is our own energy field interacting with those things around us, directly connected with our heart and consciousness. If I have in my mind that I am looking for a particular object, the heart brings into my consciousness the energy of that object and enables me to tune into such energies and then be directed as to where they lie. In this manner it is important to have a healthy mind and body, as clear as possible when you are tuning into these energies and doing this work. It is important to let the mind settle, so our energies can become centred and we have a clear intention of what we are looking for. For example, if a person is using dowsing rods and thinking of their office whilst they are attempting to locate water their attempts will be futile as their mind is too busy to be centred on their task.

I find that just before or when you first come across a particular energy or a line you begin to feel it in your heart, it is as if on some level you already know it is there. So for the experienced dowser they will begin to feel these energies slightly before the rod indicates they are there. In many ways using divining tools is a prelude to dowsing without them. For we are all able to feel these energies on our own eventually. However, until we become more closely linked with this we need some assistance and for the time being we may need tools to allow us to access these energies. Dowsing rods are wonderful such tools.

This information is an extract from the dowsing rod kits literature that comes with every set of Renascent dowsing rods.

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