So many items look the same, Are They?

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A lot of Ebayers ask the question "So many items look the same from different seller are they" well to be honest they are not, when buying things like chainsaws for example, you are much better dealing with a seller that deals in tools or chainsaws only, what you will find the bigger auction houses have the chainsaws built in China to a budget, and will cut out any quality they can as long as it improves there bottom line. This is when you will have problems, most Chinese manufacturers will build anything you want to what ever budget you want, so if you want a cheap chainsaw, that is what you will get.

Now a smaller speacilized seller will take the time to ensure that the saw has good bearings, air filters, carbies, cutting chains and comply with certain approvals as they take a lot of personal responsability in making sure that the item, will meet the customers satasifaction as they feel it is a part of them being sold, not just a quick buck.

This goes for most items you see sold on Ebay, take the time to check there feedback on that item. You will find most smaller sellers are running on 100% and that is for good reason.

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