Solutions for heavy wetters - charcoal nappy liners

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Charcoal nappy liners are an excellent choice for your baby and the perfect accessory for modern cloth nappies

Made from bamboo charcoal, this type of nappy liner is up to five times more absorbent than terry towelling or cotton liners and fully machine washable.

Why should I use bamboo charcoal liners instead of the usual nappy liners?

The advantages of a charcoal nappy liners for baby are numerous:

* It is a naturally deodorising, antibacterial and antifungal fabric - three perfect traits for the inside of a nappy!

* As a highly porous material it is extremely effective at soaking up moisture and adjusting to the humidity in the air. 

* The fabric can remain dry against baby's skin therefore assisting in the prevention of nappy rash and providing comfort for babies recovering from ongoing nappy rash.

* As a non-irritating fibre it is also ideal for babies with any other skin sensitivities or allergies.

Charcoal nappy liners make washing modern cloth nappies even easier. You may not need to get a new nappy at every nappy change. Tip waste from the liner into the toilet and if the nappy is still dry, just replace with a new liner. 

Modern technology for a traditional fibre

With a long history in China for traditional use, charcoal bamboo as a fibre is a relatively recent development using nanotechnology. It is an extremely environmentally friendly fibre, also being used more widely in the manufacture of sports wear, where absorption and odour elimination are also important.

As a sustainable and renewable resource, bamboo plants are fast growers that need very little water and do not require any chemical enhancers for a productive crop. They are known to survive extreme weather conditions such as drought or flood and are continuously growing, producing new shoots as old ones are removed.

Bamboo charcoal sounds like it could be hard to keep clean?

Nothing could be further from the truth! Just as bamboo is an easy care and environmentally friendly plant, so are charcoal bamboo nappy liners - they can be easily washed in the machine on a cold cycle with a small amount of washing powder. Fabric softeners and bleach are not recommended and will in fact cause more harm than good to the natural fibres of charcoal bamboo.

To make the most of charcoal bamboo nappy liners, why not combine an eBay order of modern cloth nappies with nappy liners? If you find an eBay seller who offers free postage, then you'd be mad not to give them a try!

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