Some Pointers To Buying DVD's On Ebay!

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Ok, im not going to bore you too much i will keep it quick and simple it will take you about 5 minutes to read and could save you some heartache and grey hairs in the future, there are many key points you want to make sure of before buying a DVD on ebay, though these would be the most important.

1. READ COMPLETE LISTING - this is the biggest thing read the entire listing and if you don't understand something ask. I put what i think is the most important right at the top of my listing but others won't so be sure to read it all

2. CHECK REGION - many sellers out there myself included sell dvd's from all parts of the world. so check the region Australia is Region 4, what that means is it plays dvd released for the Aussie market, to play any other region dvd's you need a multi-region, multi-zone or region free dvd player (all those mean the same) most new players on the market now are multi-region or can be made multi-region via a code which you can find on the net or even sometimes the manufacturer will tell you. The colour system shouldn't matter as 99% of all players are PAL/NTSC compatible its extremely rare for a dvd player not to be Pal/NTSC. DVD's are coded so movie studio's can control distribution for instance current movies in Aussie cinema's at the moment are Fracture, Premonition, Black Snake Moan and Vacancy there are more, these movies are currently available on DVD in the US so to preserve box-office revenue DVD's are coded, though as mentioned before alot of players now are multi-region and bypass coding. If your unsure if your player is compatible read the instructions, ask the manufacturer or message the seller and ask before buying or bidding.

3. AUTHENTIC DVD's - many people on eBay have been stung by buying a fake mainly Asian produced copy, these DVDs are also pressed like studio released dvds they are just not up to standards in regards to production and content, also these dvd's are not region coded they are ALL region dvd's even though the cover artwork will specify a region 1,4 etc, movie studio's also produce ALL region dvd's though you can spot the difference by cover etc. I'm not going to preach and say don't buy them the decision is yours and you can spend your money as you wish, bootlegs, fakes will always be around no matter what we do. If you care about buying fakes read on. Alot of these bootleg, fake, whatever you want to call them DVDs are inferior alot tend to skip and jump even though there are no scratches or marks, the discs and artwork also deteriorates after time and how much its played due to poor production 1 in 10 tend to do this, this occasionally happens on studio produced dvds though it is very rare a 1 in 100,000 pretty much. How to tell the difference a few pointers if it says Digital Surround Sound at the top most likely its a fake, if it has a silver or gold 9, DVD-9 or D9 or similar on the cover usually close to the top on the left or right side, its fake. I recommend for you to get the seller to take a picture and send it to you get them to include your username etc so you can verify they just didn't steal the picture elsewhere then compare this picture with what the big stores like Amazon, etc in the US or if its an Aus dvd check Aussie stores even still that can be decieving as users just copy an authentic dvd to get the cover. Also read the listing and ask questions like.. Is this a genuine studio released DVD the exact same as i would buy in any video shop or retail store? Of course they can lie but check there feedback and your gut instincts, ask them for a pic if your worried, or stick with trusted sellers ask the seller they might be able to get in the movie you want if they don't have it. there are alot of sellers out there selling fakes and they are even not aware of it they seem to think they are genuine just because they are marked with a region on the back and also be careful of sellers saying genuine DVD, yes its a genuine DVD disc but is it a genuine DVD made by the movie studio, alot of sellers will use a play on words to get away with things so be careful!!

4. DVD IN STOCK - alot of sellers post from Australia alot send from the US via drop-shippers, alot sell the dvd's pre-order so make sure you know what's going on as i know myself as a buyer we worry when something isn't here after a week or so. Ask questions is this in Australia, do you have it in stock and is it ready to be sent? etc if sent from the US it would take an extra 1-2 weeks sometimes longer if customs gets a hold of them, if its a pre-order check the release date etc.

5. FEEDBACK - if you have any probs email the seller before leaving feedback so they can rectify it or tell you otherwise. If you leave negative feedback alot of sellers are less inclined to help, so ALWAYS email if there is a prob before leaving feedback

That's bout it, hope that helped in some way. Happy Buying!!



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