Some termite myths busted.

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Let me start by saying I am not a qualified termite controller.
If you really want me to be one then lend me $1000.00
With the money you lend me plus 90 hours of my time
I can become a fully qualified termite inspector.
The next time you require the services of a qualified
termite inspector enquire as to their 'experience'.
As for me, well let's just say termites possess certain
behavioural traits that are independent of the qualifications
of the observer.
OK, let's bust some myths.
Myth 1
Termites hate sunlight.

This is a good trick for an insect that has no eyes.
I don't doubt that a subterranean creature would die of
sun burn but the real reason is that they dry up and
If the humidity and temperature in the open sun matched
their regular environment termites would happily go about their
business until the UV took it's toll.
Myth 2
Termite are attracted to in ground termite baits.
This awful piece of misinformation started over 20 years ago
and is based on the assumption that termites use some 'sense'
to detect food sources buried in the soil. Some squillion dollar
corporation has been marketing their 'attractant' to help sell
the most expensive baiting system currently available.
The simple fact is that termites are genetically geared to seek
food ON the surface ( fallen branches etc ).
Myth 3.
Kill the Queen termite and the nest dies off.

In an effort to placate the average home owner who is more
than a little antsy about having to shell out hundreds for the
treatment process, pest controllers will make statements similar
to that above. It makes sense, given that Queen termites can lay
thousands of eggs in a 24 hour period.
Killing the Queen would result in a cessation of nest population
increase IF she was the only egg layer.
There is a rarely mentioned termite caste that are called
'supplementary reproductives'. These are usually 'chemically'
prevented from producing eggs by the current King and Queen.
If the Queen gets sick or dies the reins come off these little
baby makers. Not what you wanted to hear ? Sorry.
- Nick
Manufacturer of DIY Termalert® products. 

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