Something Like Habbo...

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Something Like Habbo...

Habbo Hotel is an interactive, heavily moderated internet virtual world. A safe, online community where teens come to chat through the use of a cartoon, virtual character. Interest comes when decorating your own rooms with Habbo Hotel furniture and collecting Rare items which cannot be bought out of the Hotel Catalog (which stocks normal items). These Rare items are worth quite a lot - and are usually given out free on eBay - when you purchase a joke, or something along those lines, as it is illegal to sell them.

Distributing Habbo Items

Habbo items are not actually sold on Ebay - that is illegal. They are given out free when you pay for a joke, or time, or maybe a Life Tip. Some examples of Habbo items can easily be found by typing "Habbo" into the search box of eBay.

When selling jokes with free Habbo items, you MUST make sure you mention that the free Habbo Hotel furniture you are giving with the joke, or the Life Tip, is the property of Sulake UK Ltd, and you cannot include images as this infringes Copyright Laws. According to Sulake terms and conditions - you cannot sell their Service. When buying Habbo Credits to get Furniture on the Website - Sulake claims you are 'renting a service,' NOT buying it for yourself. You cannot, therefore, sell it and make a profit. Your furniture must be given out as a free gift, with a joke. That is the only way you can get money for your items.

For example: "You are bidding on a Life Tip. The Winning Bidder will also receive a FREE Habbo Furniture!".

Do you see where I'm coming from...?

You must be very careful to stay within Sulake's Terms And Conditions as a representative of the site regularly checks and deletes infringing listings - so your bidding is cancelled. From experience, though, this representative does not reply to your emails and queries, so you can wait 5 working days and contact Ebay to say you have not received a reply.

Habbo and Children

[COLOR="Green"]Understandably, Habbo is for children, and the market on Ebay is usually 12-15 year olds who have yet to aquire the internet maturity to committing to buy an item. So, if a child sees an item they like - on their parent's account or sometimes their own - they may bid, not realizing they are entering into a legal contract. Later, when the bid ends, mysteriously the buyer does not respond to your invoice or messages, or kindly replies "HEY I'M NOT INTERESTED I DONT WANNA BUY NO MORE". It is very easy to fall into this situation - and I have written some ways to avoid this (only applying to the child using their own account, which is surprising often the case):

1. When selling Habbo items, specify you will not sell to accounts with less than 5 feedback. This might not seem fair, but most of the time these children will have low feedback scores like 0 or 1. You are dealing with kids here, they'd do the same for you - in a friend's experience of giving Habbo items - there is no safe experiences with 0-feedback users. They are all kids who back out, who aren't committed to Ebay.

2. Contact the High Bidder (if they have low feedback). Ask them if they are willing to go through with the transaction.

3. If they do not reply, you can retract their bid. Do this by going into Bid History, and clicking the link that says "Learn more about Cancelling Bids".

Second Chance Offers

To put a long story short; they are never accepted. I do not advise relying on them to fall back on if a low-feedback user bids

When Listing Your Joke, plus a FREE Habbo Item

* Make sure you specify the word "FREE" and "JOKE" in the item title.

* Make sure you do not include images.

* Include a disclaimer "i.e All virtual furniture is the property of..."

* Do not bother with fancy highlighting or bold, it is a waste of money, all you need is a listing.

* Start at the lowest starting price you can go. Apart from the listing being cheap, everyone will bid it up. Jokes with free Habbo items are very popular.

When Dropping Off the Free Items

Some buyers expect right after they pay that you will immediately meet them in the room. Remember, even if they have paid, we are still dealing with older children, who are wary of scams. It is always good to be efficiant, but do not rush into things. If you get the Habbo room owner wrong, you are the one at fault. Imagine asking some random person if you can have your $200 Rare back to give to someone else? What would you do? I know I'd give it back - but that's because I'm over Habbo. Three years ago, I wouldn't have. At least I'm honest.

Tell them you are under no obligations to give them items straight away, however dodgey that sounds. Some kids might shout "SCAM! SCAM!" but just make sure they know you intend to give the item to them but you are making sure the payment is okay, the room name, etc etc. If you wish to drop straight away after payment is received for the joke, do it. It's good service, you get good feedback, and make a valuable connection to someone who might buy your joke and a free Habbo gift if you list again.

That's all you really need to know! Good luck, and happy selling!




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