Sony Ericsson S700i

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I’m not a great mobile phone connoisseur; in fact I have only owned a total of 4 different models in my 9 years of mobile telephony usage.

What I look for in a mobile phone is relatively simple. I want to be able to use it as a phone, I want it to be sturdy, solid and resistant to general mis-treatment and occasionally I want to take a quick happy snap.

Previously to buying my Sony Ericsson S700i I owned a Siemens ME55. This phone was as solid as rock, waterproof, shockproof and had all the basic features needed in a phone. But, after more than 2 years it was losing it appeal. It also was lacking a camera.

The Sony Ericsson S700i was an ideal replacement and comes with all the new features that means in times of extreme boredom you can use the S700i to while away a few empty minutes. You can download 3D java games onto the phone that are exceptionally high quality for their size.

Technically it is also a very good phone.

The first thing that drew me to the Sony Ericsson S700i was the very large colour screen. The phone opens sideways with a swivelling motion (this also makes it more rugged as there is no chance of hinges breaking) revealing the keypad underneath. Besides offering protection for the keypad it also means the Sony Ericsson S700i folds compactly down to about 11cm in length. The only draw back being the S700i is heavier than most non sliding or folding phones.

The colour screen has easy to navigate icons making the S700i simple to get around and manage everything from music to photos and games. The 4-way keypad means you can access features on the S700i without opening the phone.

As a camera the Sony Ericsson S700i looks to be one of the best available (although every day it seems a new manufacturer makes their camera even better). Rather than the clunky older style of camera phone with the lens up the top of the phone, the S700i works more like a traditional small digital camera. The lens is on the back and the user holds the phone just like a normal camera (i.e.: horizontally). There are various photo options including night-time settings, a timer, b/w, sepia and an 8x digital zoom. Having the S700i held horizontally means that you can hold the phone with two hands while taking a picture, resulting in clearer shots without the usual blurring caused by shaky hands. The 1.3 mega-pixel resolution also provides good quality shots.

Other features include an MP3 Player, an FM radio and polymorphic ringtones (so you can really annoy people with crazy frog ringtones or, even worse, Delta Goodrem!).

Bluetooth is fantastic – meaning you can transfer your photos directly to your PC or mac if your computer has the compatible Bluetooth app. With a 32 MB memory stick you can store plenty of photos directly on the phone and transfer them all at once.

As a basic phone the Sony Ericsson S700i does everything a phone should do as well as being compact and well built. As a more advanced style phone it is just as good – delivering everything it promises.

I can highly recommend this phone and I don’t plan on replacing it till it dies.

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