Sony PS3 3rd-Party Accessories CAUTION (3.50 Patch)

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PS3 Third Party Accessories CAUTION! (3.50)

Patch released October, 2010 (v3.50)

Recently, Sony have added a new policy to their 3.50 patch update concerning their controllers (joypad). Third-party controllers and adapters will no longer be usable with the new update which will cause alot of head aches for those who have purchased them earlier from with online or retail. Sony have released a statement on their forums, as to why they have come to this decision, stating "It is possible that some counterfeit product may ignite or explode, resulting in injury or damage to the user, your PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system, or other property.". 

Its seems that all generic controllers work and their isn't any problems thus far. A list is currently being put together and updated, but is still very limited as there are so many controller types out there. The list of working controllers can be found at their website, listed in their forums.



  • Be sure to question the seller about the specific details of the PS3 item your interested in.
  • Make sure you check the list from Sony to see if the product is approved by them.
  • Generics arent necessarily inferior to all genuine products. They are often from companies that Sony have permitted to reproduce their products at a cheaper cost price to match the market its marketing it to. They do generally come from Asia (China, Hong Kong etc.) because their economy isnt as strong as the highly developed nations. $90USD for a PS3 controller is a bit excessive for an average person in Asia when the average salary is $100US a month and lots of families live only on $1USD a day.
  • If the seller is unsure about the product, you should then contact Sony and they will inform you based on the information they have collected from PS3 users. *NOTE - Still in very early stages and list is still being updated.
  • IF YOUR SELLER AND SONY CANNOT CONFIRM IF THE PRODUCT WORKS OR NOT, THEN STEER CLEAR UNTIL IT CAN BE CONFIRMED BY SONY/SELLER. *NOTE - Make sure your seller has a reasonable refund policy if you are willing to be the guinea pig and test untested products. Three (3) Days arfter product is received, is NOT a reasonable refund time in any sort business. Becareful of this, as people have been duped/scammed by using the same policy. 
  • Know your seller/wholesaler. Read feedbacks and negative comments to see what kind of seller/business they claim to be. Some may have 99.8% positive feedback, but when you read their Negative feedback, some of them do not even reply when there is a problem. They will only act when eBay or PayPal intervenes instead of solving it themselves.
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