Sorry but we don't plan to sell items below our cost

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Every day we have customer offering to buy items from us with offers way below the cost that we paid to buy it in the first place

In fact there is a significant number of eBayers who scour the sales looking for the items that have sold below cost and then they email me asking for the same deal

Sorry but we just can’t do this !

The whole idea of an auction from the seller’s perspective is to generate interest in the auction and through the auction process, but every single day I’m approached by potential buyers who have deliberately not bid on our auctions in order to minimize competition for an item, with the buyer then emailing me and asking to buy the item for the same price

Statistically we do sell some of our items below cost, you just can’t win on every single auction, but in order for this business to remain long term viable we have to make a profit overall on the average sales of all the auctions added together. So although it is very true that we do sell a few items below cost we are absolutely not in the business of deliberately making a loss by selling items at fixed price below cost except in the rare circumstances where we have had an item for a very long time and have decided to clear out that individual item. Nor are we going to act in any way to minimize competitive bidding on our items

Sorry but we do run a real business and we have to act that way in how we operate



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