Sourcing Good Quality Clothing For Resale On Ebay

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I have been a seller on Ebay for many years now and enjoy every minute of it. I mainly sell womens clothing and it all started with Weight Watchers believe it or not! After the birth of my second son I joined Weight Watchers and lost 30 kilos leaving me with a wardrobe of beautiful outfits bought for me by my hubby. They were loaded into black garbage bags ready for St Vinnies when hubby suggested I look online because he had seen an Ebay article in the paper so I did, I listed my larger clothing, made a nice bit of money, (which I promptly spent on ebay on a smaller wardrobe)! But the bug had bitten and I loved it, so was with my Mum one day shopping and telling her I wish I could do this as a 'job' to help me stay at home with my two boys and give us the extra income we needed.

It was then that we turned and saw a large sign for St Vinnies, a buy one get one free sale and Mum suggested we have a look, I was hesitant because of a pre-conceived notion that they only sold much-worn or old clothing but was very pleasantly surprised! That day my mum handed me $200 and said go for it, I paid her back that money within 10 days with enough profit left to buy more clothes to list and pay my Ebay fees and it went from there.   

There are so many second hand clothing stores around but here is my advice to save you lots of time. I have found that the ones in the centre of larger cities and the close surrounding suburbs are much more expensive. You will know very soon which stores have a better quality control and are more selective about their clothing. I have two main stores I visit weekly now and because they know me I often get 'specials' like a two for one on certain items like dresses or the next week it will be skirts etc, you will find they like to look after regular customers who spend their money with them. The stores I found with the best prices and quality are St Vinnies and Aid For The Blind. I find that although the much larger Endo's stores have a huge range they are much more expensive but don't let that keep you away, you see all of these stores have discount racks. When stock has been on the shelves for around 4 weeks they are raked off onto these discount racks so you can really get a bargain, I know my local Endos has 4 large racks that are only $5 fill a bag and my local Aid For The Blind has a $2 rack, all these are quality garments, I have picked up labels such as Calvin Klein, Wrangler, Versace and more for as little as 50cents!! So take a look around your suburb you will likely find at least 4 or 5 of these stores, take a look, it is great fun to sell on Ebay and even more fun to go shopping every week to see if there is a bargain to be found!!

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