Sourcing Products to sell on eBay

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What to sell on eBay

The purpose of this guide is to assist new members in sourcing products to sell on eBay. As a frequent poster on the Community Boards I often see new members asking what to sell, where to source products and they are often greeted with unfriendly advice such as:

1. Sellers are not going to share their suppliers.

2. Do your own research.

Where to look

When I first began selling on eBay I searched for products that were not available on eBay in Australia. After obtaining my Australian Business Number I was able to approach wholesalers and request catalogues to be sent to me to browse.

Soon after, I started attending Trade Fairs in various Cities around Australia. Unfortunately the policy for writing guides restricts me from adding links to outside websites. So I suggest to members who are looking to locate the Trade Fairs to do a Google search on the following:

1. G-point

2. Australian Shoe Fair.

3. Australian Gift Fair.

4. Australian Toy Fair.

5. Fashion Exposed.

There are many other Trade Fairs around the country including book, homewares etc. I suggest finding something you are interested in and going with it.

Of course importing is another way to cut costs by dealing directly with the manufacturers. You might even have an idea to have your own product manufactured. This can be done very easily, particularly in China.

Deciding what to sell

It is so much more enjoyable to sell something you like. I personally like a bit of humour so have always searched for items with a bit of a shock factor. I have many friends doing well on eBay selling in various categories, the ones that seem to do the best are selling products they enjoy promoting.

If you have a knowledge of collectables then visiting garage sales can be an extremely rewarding adventure.

On eBay you can research completed listings to see if the item you are contemplating selling on eBay is already selling. You can see the prices achieved too. You can also subscribe to Marketplace Research for a small fee.

Good luck and I will add some more information very soon.


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