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I knew there's so many people have problems with buying and searching the right garments for themselves. I'm personally have a problem myself but I have some suggestions to share with anyone in this world trough my eBay world.

* Every size is important but if the style isn't the right one than it deffenetely not match you at all.

* Every colour is beautiful but if it doesn't match your skin as there's so many defferent type of skin around than it wouldn't match at all.

* Every designs are interesting from simple to glamour but you know what you're up to.

* Every women wants the right style & colour to match they needs but...

* Every body always pick a black colour as  their favourite colour so.......


Me and my tips: I have a cream colour skin and a small size.

My favourite colours are black, brown, navy & white as they're look fabulous on me but not until I married I found purple, torquise, green, olive green, mustard, burgundy/maroon,  cream & all pastel colours just gorgeous on me. I have to say red, pink/hot pink, blue, yellow, & other hot colours isn't the right one.

I'm also very good on mix and match things. My mother is a Taylor and I used to make a lot of suits and dresses with her until 7 years ago when I found my sweetheart and start my new family with him married with 2 little girls. I'm still the same love the word clothes or garment. I realise this is my world & it's hard to turn away for something else. There's so many times I walk in the street and people stoped me and said "Where did you get that top or dress?" I said, "I made them myself or my mum made them for me. 

So.............. what is the colour of your skin? Take a look which colour of garments that match your skin.

* White/cream : purple, white, cream, tan, black, brown, dark brown, chocolate, latte, aubergine, lilac, blue sky, olive green, dark green, green leaves, mustard, torquise, navy & all pastel colours is just fabulous.

* Light brown/tan: black, white, cream, medium blue, brown, tan, latte, purple, lilac & any medium colours. To be continued...

* Black/dark brown :  yellow, hot pink, hot red, bright blue, torquise, violet, white, cream, olive green, bright green, bright purple, bright orange, bright brown & any bright colours or hot colours. To be continued...

Note: if you follow your eyes colour than it would be another way. Example: if you have a blue colour eyes than a medium blue/blue ocean is the perfect colour. To be continued......



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