Spice Arena guide to buying spices online-FREE SHIPPING

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Guide to buying Herbs and Spice online! - FREE SHIPPING!

Welcome to my next guide - FREE SHIPPING. In this guide I will cover FREE SHIPPING - what it is and what it isn't.  In each of my guides I will cover new material so if you haven't read my other guide "Spice Arena guide to buying spices online - basics" and "Spice Arena guide to buying spices online - BULK DISCOUNT" then I urge you to do so.

Whenever I see FREE SHIPPING offered I remember an expression my 80 year old neighbour liked to use - "There's no such thing as a free lunch". This sums up my view on FREE SHIPPING, someone somewhere has to pay for the shipping. It still astounds me how people are attracted to the "twinkle twinkle" of a FREE SHIPPING offer.

So my best advice to find out whether it is actually FREE SHIPPING or not is to

  • pull out a sheet of paper and write down the cost of the product including FREE SHIPPING. (Let's use 1kg Cinnamon as an example $27.30 including FREE SHIPPING)
  • then find the same or similar product where they offer separate shipping charges. (Same example 1kg Cinnamon $17+$10.30 for shipping)

Let me explain a couple of things. If you intend buying 1 item with free shipping it may work out in your favour. If you want to buy several items then it may be cheaper to buy the item from someone offering separate postage because you can actually calculate how much saving there will be on combined postage. Ok back to our piece of paper.

  • Take the FREE SHIPPING price and take away(deduct) the shipping charge from the second seller. ($27.30-$10.30=$17.00) So you see the price actually works out the same.

As a general rule people won't see through the FREE SHIPPING haze and won't do the math. All they will see is WOW here I'm getting FREE SHIPPING and the other guy is trying to fleece me for $10.30 for shipping, no way I'm buying from him.

Sometimes you will actually see a FREE SHIPPING price work out more than a separate shipping price and this is simply gouging. In my opinion it is unscrupulous and takes advantage of peoples inability to do the math. Hopefully after you've read this it will broaden your understanding on FREE SHIPPING.

If you liked this guide then please vote for it. I will be writing a little series of these guides to hopefully enhance your purchasing experience particularly in the herb and spice categories.

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