Sports DIY: Re-String a Tennis Racquet

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How to Re-String a Tennis Racquet

Anyone who plays tennis understands the importance of having a racquet with tight strings. Because string is prone to breaking and stretching, the more a person plays tennis the more often they will need to restring their racquet. Practice makes perfect.

How to Know When to Restring a Tennis Racquet

The tightness of a tennis racquet’s string can prove to be the difference between a victory and loss in a match. The loss of tension caused by loose or broken strings causes the ball to have less power. This impacts the distance, and sometimes the direction, a ball travels. Additionally, looser strings lead to less spin, less durability, and a decrease in overall performance. Ultimately, knowing and choosing when to restring a tennis racquet is a personal choice; however, a tennis player wants to play with the same racquet every day. Consequently, for avid tennis players it may be necessary to restring their racquet occasionally.


Guide to Selecting the Right Kind of String

String is often cited as the lifeblood of a tennis player. Consequently, it’s imperative to select string and string tensions that is right for the player. Because every player has different strengths, weaknesses, needs, and preferences, the right type of string for one person may be completely different for another. Although the material of the string may vary, the most common types are:


Nylon is the most popular material for tennis string because it provides a great blend of durability and performance that suits players of all different skill levels.

Natural Gut

Made from cow intestine, natural gut is an extremely flexible string that leads to more spin; however, it is expensive and much easier to break.


Although not as strong as Kevlar, Polyester is an extremely popular string material for players who rely on spin and control to win games. However, power players may not like this string because it has a tendency to slow down the ball’s flight off the racquet.


More commonly used in body armour, Kevlar is the most durable and stiff string available. Because the tension of Kevlar is much higher than many other materials, the ball striking the racquet can result in pain for the player. Consequently, Kevlar string is not recommended for a beginner tennis player or a person with arm difficulties.


Step-by-Step Guide to Restringing a Racquet

For a first timer, stringing a tennis racquet is going to be a bit of a challenge. However, practice makes perfect, and once a person has mastered how to restring a racquet it will save them both time and money. Here’s some information to get anyone, from the beginner player to the expert tennis pro, learning how to restring their racquet.

1. Select a Stringing Machine

Tennis players have two options when it comes to a stringing machine: drop weight or crank machine.

2. Gather the Tools

In addition to the string machine, a person will need a yard stick, a diagonal cutter, a marker to tie the knot, an awl to fasten the string, and parallel jaw pliers to make sure the knot is tight.

3. Mount the Frame

The vast majority of stringing machines use a 6-point mounting system to securely fasten the racquet in place. Be sure to mount the racquet tight to the machine so that it does not move during the restringing process.

4. Adjust the Tension

Generally speaking, the tighter the strings, the more control and spin that will be generated by the string and the racquet. Conversely, the less tense the strings, the less control and more power will be generated.

How to Buy Everything A Person Needs to Restring a Tennis Racquet on eBay

To find everything a person needs to restring a racquet, use the search bar on the top of any eBay page and enter a term like “nylon tennis string.” Select the category that is most closely related to tennis, and eBay will display the results of the keyword that was searched for. Alternatively, a person may also want to browse for stringing equipment by clicking on the categories for sports equipment or tennis gear. The buyer should make sure to check the seller’s ratings, feedback, and history.


eBay offers great prices on all the components required to restring a tennis racquet. From the string to the actual machine to the tennis racquet itself, eBay has everything a tennis player needs to make sure they are performing at the top of their game.

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