Spots Stuffs guide to buying on eBay

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Research your item

If you are looking for something in particular you should really research your item.

Think about what you are looking for and what functions you would like it to have.

Thoroughly read description and think if it its what you are looking for.

Estimating price

Before bidding on an item try and find some of the same products you looking for from various sellers.

Put them in your watch list if you like to see them all together.

Some times you might find things cheaper than the normal price but the postage might be more than others. Do your maths and see if it is really cheaper than others with the postage included.

 If the postage is not advertised, Contact the seller and ask them before placing a bid or using Buy it now. This way there is no surprises.


Buy it now

If you are happy with the item, you have thoroughly read the description and is what you are looking for and you are happy with the price with the postage you can then perches your item


Placing bids

Don’t rush on placing bids. You can inevitably bump up the price.

Watch your item and let other people fight over it.

In the last minuets of the end of the action if it is still in your price range place your bid.




Spots Stuff’s  guide to buying on eBay


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