Spotting Fake Jordans

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I have written a quick guide so that the buyers out there can spot a fake pair of Jordans before they purchase them.

Here are the points that I believe are most important to spot the fakes.

1. Firstly go to either or to see what particular pair of jordans are being retroed and are actually released at this point in time. This year only Jordan 14, Jordan 7 and Jordan 4s have been retroed. So if you see any other shoes from the Jordan range on Ebay you are basically bidding on an inferior factory (FAKE!!) variant that has been made in a sweatshop in China. Another great site to use as a guide to see what pairs of Jordans are out at this particular point in time is This site only sells authentic shoes and they are very comprehensive in their dates of release of the particular Jordan shoes that will be retroed.

2. Authentic Jordan shoes are expensive. Period!!! You cannot get a real pair of Jordans for under $150 Australian unless you are getting it directly from an international site like or Other than that go into any foot locker store in Australia and see how much a par of Jordans retail for. If you pick up a pair of Jordans for under this $150 price range you are 9 times out of 10 buying a fake. For example the Jordan 20 shoe. Retails at foot locker for $350 Aus yet, on Ebay you can get a pair for $109 buy it now. What a load of crap. You are buying fake shoes and if you are a real sneaker fiend like myself and appreciate Jordan as a player and you appreciate his shoes you will buy the authentic pairs and not the fake crap getting sold on Ebay. These variants cost the peson selling you the shoes on average between $35 and $45 US shipped to your door man. That is about $50 Aus and they are ripping poor innocent ppl like you, the buyers off - nearly doubling their money. All you need to do to see this is just do a google search of Jordan wholesale buy. It will come up with numerous chinese websites selling these variants. Check this site out for proof These sites state on the site they are selling variants but are the ppl that sell these Jordans to you on ebay letting you know they are selling variants - I dont think so. Stop buying these shoes of the cheaters out there and let them get charged their ebay listing fees and lose their money. I hate ppl disrespecting Jordan and especially cheating by selling inferior Jordan products.

I hope this has helped anyone that has read it. I tell all my mates the knowledge I know and I have saved them hundreds of dollars because of it. I have lived in the states before and like mentioned above I am a sneaker fiend owning countless pairs of AUTHENTIC shoes in many various brands.

Stop supporting the cheats!!!
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