Spotting Fake Multicolor Big Pony Polo Shirts on eBay

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                                                 I have several authentic Polo multicolor big pony polo shirt that I purchased from


                                                                                               I have seen many fakes on ebay!


                                                Here is my advice on spotting fakes, as compared to my authentic multicolor Polo:

  • These shirts are a limited edition, one time production that can only be purchased at and Ralph Lauren stores for $114 (including shipping and taxes). It is not logical that someone would spend that amount of money per shirt and then re-sell it on ebay at a loss.
  • The multicolor polos are available in the following colors only: French Navy blue, Northwest Pine green, White, Polo Black, RL 2000 red, and Newport Navy blue. Any other color is a fake.
  • The number on the sleeve is always "4", not 3, 5, or 6, as I have seen on some ebay fakes. The number should be red or white only... with the exception of the RL 2000 red, which has a blue number 4.
  • The most obvious way to spot a fake multicolor is by looking at the two side "vent hems" at the bottom hem of the shirt - The authentic ones are ALWAYS reinforced with a contrasting colored grosgrain ribbon. I have yet to see this detail on the fakes. (View the pictures at to see the vents to which I refer.)
  • The polo pony in the pictures of the fakes also seems to be too light in color and the pony's eye seems to be much more round and open than on the authentic ones.
  • UPDATE: A friend bought a fake multicolor big pony Polo on eBay because he didn't want to pay the price Ralph Lauren charges. The fabric of his shirt is much thinner than on the authentic ones and the sizes run very small. His XL would probably be equivalent to an authentic Polo size medium. It is also poorly sewn.
  • UPDATE: Recently, some sellers have started using pictures from The shirt you receive will almost certainly not look, or fit, like the ones pictured in these auctions.
  • UPDATE: 09/24/2007 - authentic Polo multicolor big pony shirts are now being produced with a number "3" on the sleeve, and will soon be produced with a number "5" to represent the 5 player polo teams that were first introduced in America.
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