Spotting Fake TWILIGHT Merchandise!

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I have recently come across FAKE Twilight merchandise on ebay and thought I would pass on some info to help buyers spot it.

The original Twilight Movie Merchandise seems to be the target for fakes at the moment, heres how to spot them:0)

1.  The word NECA written on front of cardboard packaging, its always on the back of the packaging

2. The plastic bags that the items are contained in have writing (usually chinese or another language) where the bag seals at the top/back, NECA products have plain bags.

3. The cardboard packaging is thick and chunky and not sealed on the edges, it will usually fray apart when pulled, NECA merchandise has thin cardboard with sealed edges.

4. The barcode on the back says 'made in China', NECA products have the barcode, item title and usually the price printed above the barcode, always ask the seller to show you a photo of the back of the packaging before buying.

5.  The pictures on the front of the products appear too dark, and are sometimes a little blurry.

This info mainly applies to jewellery related products, if anyone spots any more obvious things indicating items are fake, please contact me via my ebay link and I will be more than happy to post here.  I only sell 100% guaranteed authentic Twilight merchandise:0)



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