Spotting a FAKE Louis Vuitton

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I am posting some handy hints on helping you spot a fake Louis Vuitton,here are some handy hints to keep you informed..reserve your right to be informed.And Yes..I have been sent Fake items..Please know that if a seller states authentic in listing and the item you recieve is a fake you have the right to destroy the item as long as you have proof that its a fake item and the proper channels have been shown that its a Fake.It is also Not allowed to list a Fake Louis Vuitton or any other designer-label..but it happens and not every-one can afford an authentic piece,this is only a guide to help you if you wish to purchase an authentic piece.

  • 1 ) If a Seller Cannot Guarrantee can guarrantee its a Fake.
  • 2 ) If a listing is for a Louis Vuitton item and states was recieved as a gift with no guarrantee of authenticity..

TRANSLATION: I know its a Fake..but if you find out its a Fake I recieved it as a gift and didnt know it was a fake.

  • 3 ) Louis Vuitton items come with Date Codes NOT PRODUCT CODES EX: M5 1234..If that is stamped anywhere on your item its a FAKE!

Louis Vuitton use Date Codes which start with 2 characters and 4 numbers EX: SP 1004

  • 4 ) Logo's..Louis Vuitton are extremely careful about placing there LV logo's as all are hand painted,so if there are missing LV logo's EX: cut off in seams,handles covering logo's, Logo's not matching up together..there Fake..The only exception is a few authentic pieces.
  • 5 ) The Multicolore range is made from 33 Silk screened colors, The Fake ones are made around 20 colors and a dead give-away is Bright RED LV's that screams!FAKE! FAKE! FAKE!
  • 6 ) Louis Vuitton items DO NOT come with GREENISH Envolopes!Some come with BLACK ones and only with certain pieces.Nor do they come with PALE YELLOW Cards.They come with PALE CREAM cards,one with product code and another with louis vuitton printed  (product code is printed on CARD not inside your item& on draw-box).Some Sellers do not have these cards when listing an item that dosnt mean its a Fake you still need to do some research to insure you are biding on an Authentic item.
  • 7 ) I have noticed recently there have been quite a few listing selling as Cerises Blossoms both on the traditional monogram and the multicolore line....OH PLEASE..if they were from the Cerises Line they would have Cerises or Cerises Blossoms on them..They Do NOT come with a Multicolore item and a Cerises Card!
  • 8 ) PRICE...I have made some wonderful buys with louis vuitton items at a fraction of the price I would pay brand new,so really it comes down to doing dome research on the item you are looking to purchase.And that goes to feedback as well..some of my best buys have been from members with little to no feedback..BUT.. I have had to research the item and some cases taken to Store to insure 100% Authentic.
  • 9 ) Reciept..Just because an item comes with a reciept dosn't mean it's authentic,unfortunately there are some people who would purchase an Authentic item with reciept and post out the same item but a Fake one.Look at the pictures in the listing to make sure the item is the same.EX..the multicolore line is perfect as an example..make sure all the LV logo's are the same color as in pictures,if so ask the seller to send more pictures..
  • 10 ) Beware of listings with Louis Vuitton Stock photo's!..if the only photo in the listing is a stock photo you have no idea if you are biding on an Authentic item and more then likely its not Authentic.You need to see actual pictures of the item to insure you are biding or buying an Authentic item.
  • 11 ) Boxes&Dustbags..Louis Vuitton items come in a chocolate Brown Box with Cream Draw..BEWARE of items coming with PALE YELLOW Boxes they are a dead give-away for a Fake item.Also Louis Vuitton Dustbags come in pale Cream with Louis Vuitton ONLY Printed on it!..if you see a dustbag with louis vuitton made in france yarda yarda..its a FAKE..with the exception of only a few limited edition pieces the dustbags have only Louis Vuitton printed or just the logo LV (on some older bags.mainly drawstring bags) in Dark Brown,anything else printed on the dustbag or BOX is a FAKE!and NO yellow care cards!
  • 12 ) Know your bag..All most all Fake items have a different SMELL to them then Authentic ones,Authenic ones have a beautiful canvas and leather smell that lingers,the Fake ones have a plastic sickly smell to them and no leather smell.The Zips are a really good give away they are hard to open and catch were authentic ones runs smooth.If you know what you are interested in buying know what to look for..say the monogram..make sure all the logos match up,check Date Code as Fake ones tend to do a bad job they put product code stamp instead of the date code, and if possible check the web-site for current items as some pieces are no longer on the web-site but you can still research the item.There are places to go to for Authenticity that are free.The Purse Forum is free and thats are great place to get some valuable information on the item you wish to purchase.

I really hope this helps you to stay informed about buying an Authentic Louis Vuitton item,I also understand that not every-one can afford to buy an authentic piece so this is a guide only if you wish to purchase an authentic piece,because when you purchase an authentic item nothing compares to the real deal.. Good Luck :)


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