Spotting fake ELWOOD clothing

Like if this Guide is helpful

OK If your item is authentic  it should be made of quality fleece and should not pill.The markets ones pill very easily and its not quality fleece

 , have a authenitcity patch on the front or the bak. IN the patch it contains a identity number or security number and should have elwood co. The label in the back of the shirt should be black but in some older styles it may be in gold writing .

The zip is always made of metal.. I have seen fake market jackets with plastic zips being sold on ebay.. Elwood do not have plastic zips on there jackets

The print is always printed on.. Its never iron on and doesnt crack etc. Once again the market jackets are like an iron on black .Your jacket is fake if it has this

The draw strings on the hood will have metal tabs at the ends. The fake ones have like a plastic cone shape.

I hope this has helped you some.IM talking from buying a fake elwood jacket off ebay and going through alot to get my money bak. I have written letteres from elwood suppliers..




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