Stainless Steel LED Deck Lights V Aluminium Deck Lights

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We looked at many of the problems that plagued homes with stainless steel finished deck lights and set about finding an answer. The choice for us to only supply Marine Grade Aluminum finished deck lights was a choice based on facts not personal choice over the finished look. 
It was important for our customers to enjoy the deck lights for many many years and drastically reduce the chances of the metal part getting the ugly tea stain rust look or suffering from corrosion. So when looking at the metals available and reading reports and tests and speaking to many experts in the metal field to our absolute shock the 316 stainless steel was not the best option for our customers. 

You’ll notice the boating industry puts marine grade aluminum through one of the toughest tests on earth as the boats have to live in the salt water, if marine grade aluminum can last there it can last anywhere.
Aluminum’s excellent resistance to corrosion is due to the presence on the metal of a permanent film of naturally occurring oxide consisting of Al2O3. With Marine Grade Aluminum being extremely corrosion resistant both against salt water and atmospheric corrosion which is often called weathering makes it a real money saver, because we know you don’t want to replace your lights in the next 6-12 months. But remember, even if you do buy stainless steel , the fitting will still require maintenance every three months in the form of cleaning and treating with a neutral oil. Another point for Aluminium Deck Lighting!

Now you can see why they make the perfect choice for deck lighting for people who insist that they look and perform at their best at all times. 
If you are after quality finished LED Deck Lighting then check out our store for all our different sizes and kits.


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