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Hi everyone,


Im back with some more info on the latest MICRODERMABRASION products I have tried........


So here we go.......


I purchased (all be it a little hesitantly) from an overseas seller in the US of A - called "Thank You Stan".....

Now I know WHY he choose that name as his Ebay Store.........

Coz seriously you WANT to thank him after using his microdermabrasion cloth products!!!!


Now I'm a newbie to the Microdermabrasion cloths I have been using them for about 6 months now and wanted to see what other products were out there and compare effectiveness, ease of use - RESULTS!

So after you get past all the mumbo jumbo he has written on his site.... He is INCREDIBLY thorough in his decriptions and he has alot of claims etc.

When you actually receive the product it looks JUST like a normal cloth.


This little number WORKS. Wholey Cadooley does it WORK!

Smoothest skin I have had IN YEARS......LESS CONGESTION in my face. Minimal to NO shaving rashes or ingrowns.........



I actually bought the starter kit (you receive a MD cloth for body, a mini sponge for your face and a mimosa pomade - more on that later)

Initially I found the cloth a little awkward to use coz I was so used to using my mitt....but if you wrap it around your hand your off and BUFFING!


ANNNNNNNNNND that little spongey MD sponge is UNBELIEVABLY AWESOME on your face.......

This product is classified as "DERMAL GRADE" meaning it is safe and designed to be used on the skin.

Other cloths (I have been researching into stans claim that some hawkers are buying cheap microFIBRE cloths at discount stores and whacking cheap labels on them to sell for a ripoff price to customers as a microDERMABRASION bad but unfortunately it was true!!!

They were ACTUALLY cutting AND pasting info from STANS site onto their on pages......soooooo DODGY! SO BE AWARE OF THIS IF YOUR BUYING A MD CLOTH.......COMPARE PAGES AND INFO!!! LOOK FOR SIMILARITIES!

He has heaps of different products big cloths, small cloths, body sponges, facial sponges, soaps, the fabulous pomade the list goes on.....


But in the reality of it all his products DO THEIR JOB and they do it EXTREMELY WELL!

Seriously the best I have come across so far in my quest for top products!

So if you are thinking of comitting to buy a cloth I do recommend you try from STAN......


I MUST tell you to try the facial sponge though! Easy to use and handle! If your looking for an ALL body product this sponge will do the job great!

BUT get TWO sponges! ONE for your Face and ONE for your body as the sponge is so thorough in cleansing and removing the dead skin it will actually turn a gross GREY you don't want to use it on your face afterwards LOL!

I also would like to pay hommage to the humble pomade that he also sells you in the starter is actually called TEPESCOHUITE pomade (made from the mimosa tree)

Its a teeny tiny pot that smells kind of like citronella (but really pleasent n fresh - citrus-sy) and is black in appearance.

when I opened it I thought to myself 'YOU WANT ME TO PUT THIS ON MY FACE?????????".........BUT........I will try anything once! LOL

Its a fine smooth non-greasy balm that is designed to help regenerate cell production and its also antiseptic so GREAT for acne or skin issues.

It helps with acne, blackheads, eczema, psoriasis, rosacia, dark circles, wrinkles, rashes, sunburn, scars, stretchmarks. Those are stans claims NOT mine....


I don't have scars or dry skin conditions like eczema so I cant comment there........BUT

It did make my skin brighter, more even toned, was great for healing a few spots I had around my chin and nose.


I used it a few times.....was VERY IMPRESSED it even helped with the fine lines I am now getting around my eyes (the joys of aging....experience lines is what I prefer to call them LOL)

I ended up going back to stans store and ordering the large jar of the pomade plus some soap to try as well.....

I'll let you know how the soap performs when I receive it and try it!


All in all that strange black goop works a treat! Its more of a topical medicine than a cream.......and a little goes a heck of a long way! Perfect for problem spots on your skin....

I highly recommend these items and I received the products relatively quickly in the mail. His postage cost is VERY reasonable and the products are worth a try.

I'm in love with mine! I'm going back for more for my Mum....I always rave about the newest thing that DELIVERS........Ive got her onto mineral makeup and some of my glosses now lol.......I also bought a starter kit and soap for my sister in MELBOURNE.......she has terrible trouble with dry skin and breakouts due to the weather there (some of you will agree with her lol) Im sending that off to her soon.


You can trust this seller NOT to rip you WILL get your products and they WILL work for you! He also sends complete instructions for use of all the products you ordered.



Cheers to the smoothest skin you will love to touch!



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