Star Wars CCG Rares List HOTH Dark Side

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Star Wars CCG Rare List 3 Hoth Dark Side Only
This list has been prepared to help new collectors and new players identify Rare
cards within their 'HOTH Dark Side' decks and collections,in a hope that they may
consider protecting these cards in Plastic Card Toppers to preserve them for
future generations and for their own viewing pleasure.

A = Admiral Ozzel
B = Blizzard 1, Blizzard 2, Blizzard Scout 1
C = Captain Piett, Collapsing Corridor
D = Death Mark, Debris Zone
E = 0
F = Frozen Dinner, Furry Fury
G = General Veers
H = High Anxiety, Hoth Wampa Cave
I = Image of The Dark Lord
J = 0
K = 0
L = 0
M = Meteor Impact, Mournful Roar
N = 0
O = 0
P = 0
Q = 0
R = Resposibility Of Command
S = Scruffy-Looking Nerf Herder, Stalker
T = Tactical Support, Target The Main Generator, This is Just Wrong, Trample, Tyrant
U = 0
V = 0
W = Wampa, Weapon Malfunction
X = 0
Y = Yaggle Gakkle
Z = 0

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