Star Wars CCG Rares List HOTH Light Side

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Star Wars CCG Rares List 3 Hoth Light Side Only
This list has been prepared to help new collectors and new players identify Rare
cards within their 'HOTH Light Side' decks and collections,in a hope that they may
consider protecting these cards in Plastic Card Toppers to preserve them for
future generations and for their own viewing pleasure.

2 = 2-1B (Too-Onebee)
A = Anakin's Lightsaber, Artillery Remote
B = Bacta Tank
C = Commander Luke Skywalker, Concussion Grenade
D = Dack Ralter, Dark Dissension, Disarming Creature
E = Echo Base Operations
F = 0
G = General Carlist Rieekan
H = 0
I = I Thought They Smelled Bad On The Outside
J = 0
K = K-3PO (Kay-Threepio)
L = 0
M = Mjor Bren Derlin
N = 0
O = 0
P = Planet Defender Ion Cannon
Q = 0
R = R-3PO (Ar-Threepio), Rouge 1, Rouge 2, Rouge 3, Rug Hug
S = Surface Defense Cannon
T = The First Transport Is Away!
U = 0
V = 0
W = Wes Janson, Who's Scruffy-Looking?
X = 0
Y = You Have Failed Me For The Last Time, You Will Go To The Dagobah System
Z = Zev Senesca

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