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You've seen the feeback scores in the hundreds, others in the thousands. You've seen some buyers get bargains while you've also seen sellers get some great prices. You yourself have been buying, possibly for years. You even venture in to the discussion rooms at times. But selling, well, you don't really know where to begin or even what you'd sell. Right? Then this is the article for you, grab a coffee, put on your slippers, lean back and scroll away.

If you've already been buying on Ebay you already have everything you need to be able to sell on Ebay. How good is that! You're already part way there and you haven't even finished your coffee.

Maybe you should go get a chocolate bikky too while you're at it, we all know chocolate is full of magnesium which helps us relax better but also stimulates our brain cells.

Since you're already set up to be able to sell, the biggest decision you have to make is what to sell. But don't let this deter you a minute longer.

Hop up (oh come on.. you've finished the bikky I know it, and the coffee will still be there in a minute). Now take a look around the office/loungeroom/bedroom/rumpus surely there's something there you no longer need, want or can tolerate.

Think no one will buy it? Just remind yourself of the ET nutri grain, the virgin Mary bagel, the gazillions of items of women's clothing being sold everyday via Ebay.

Now you have your item, it might need a wash and iron, scrub and wipe, or spit and polish. Do that. Yep I'll wait.

Welcome back. Your item almost looks good enough to keep doesn't it. But don't waver. Grab your digital camera, find a well lit position, place the item in such a way that shows it's true condition yet best side. (Rule number one to get repeat customers is to be honest, honest and honest in all your listings).

Take a few pics to ensure you get a true replica. Download them on to your PC.

See that wasn't too hard at all was it? And you're half way there already and the coffee's still warm!

Sign in to your Ebay account and at the top of the page you will see the words BUY SELL ...... Click on Sell.

You will find yourself here:

You now get to choose whether to sell your item at auction or a fixed price? If you'd like to let the customers decide then choose auction and you'll soon see why.

Having chosen Auction and pressed Sell Your Item you are well on your way.

It's all a matter of following the easy prompts from here on. If you get stuck you can duck in to the discussion room and ask for help.

Next you choose the area most appropriate for your item to be sold. Have a play around.

Nothing is set in cement until someone bids on your item, up until that point you can change anything in your listing.

Having chosen your category you'll be asked to nominte a sub category within that section. When you've finished scroll to the bottom of the screen and press continue. Yep that's where it's hiding.

Now to the fun part. Writing your heading and spiel.

Remember, the heading is what will attract people to look at your listing or not. It's the make or break part of the entire page. So use every available space there is in the heading. And use words that tell the customer exactly what you have for sale, using as much detail as you can. Example. If you are selling a child's swim vest indicate the size, colour, make, material and condition all in the subject. Yes you can be that concise!

If you do run out of room or you have more information you'd like to convey like it's pick up only in a certain area etc you can choose to pay the extra for the subtitle.

After detailing in the box if it's new or used move on to the description.

Write all about your beloved item right here. Don't forget that each paragraph should be separated with a <p> this means you won't have one great big long diatribe to read through.

We're almost done. I'll wait while you boil the jug and grab another bikky, after all it's hard work the first go around. But once you've done it 2 or 3 times it becomes second nature and everyone in the house will be locking their doors to keep their goods safe from the Ebay seller amongst them.

Okay, got your coffee and bikkie? Right the final stretch.

Here we come to setting the starting price. You don't want to set it too high but you dont' want to set it too low either. So ask yourself what you'd like to get for it, and set the auction price about 50-75% of that. As this is your first time though set it low just to give it a go. You will note here that for a small fee you can also choose to list it as a buy now. Which means that someone could come along and buy it right then and there at that price and there would be no auction. However once someone bids on the auction part, the buy now is removed. I highly recommend the Buy Now.

Next in line you'll see is you get to choose how many days the listing runs for? You choose. 3 days for things like tickets etc, 7 days for most other things, but choose ten days if your items is a little outside of the box and will need a special kind of buyer.

Adding your previously taken photos is as easy as clicking browse and finding the photo. For a small fee you can also add extra photos that may show the various sides of an item.

Don't panic as you browse the list of options available to you below the photo part. These are all just options you can choose. I highly recommend gallery as it puts the photo of your item on the general list rather than just your title. Ebay stats also say it helps sell the item better too - I tend to agree with them here.

As this is just the start for you I would choose the gallery or if earlier you added a subtitle you can choose the Basic Package Upgrade that gives you the subtitle and gallery for a discounted price.

And continue we do. Still with me? Rest easy in the knowledge that the first time always takes ten times longer than any subsequent times. You'll be flying through the process in no time flat.

Choosing how you'd like to be paid is the next step, and one for you personally to decide upon. Paypal is highly encouraged as it offers at least some protection for you as both buyer and seller with Ebay.

Almost finished as you choose postal costs. This can be tricky, but if you stick to using prepaid satchels you can't really go too wrong. If in doubt Australia Post has it's own website with prices for posting parcels.

The rest of this page is self explanatory and if you wish to fill them in that's up to you. Once you've set them up you can keep them for further listings and will never have to do them again.. unless you change your mind on certain aspects.

We are so close to the finish I can smell the cup of congratulatory coffee already.

The final page will be a review of your listing, suggestions by Ebay of things you might want to consider upgrading (or not), and the cost of placing your ad. These fees are payable at the end of the month, so don't panic.

If you're happy with it all submit it and you will get a message telling you you have successfully submited your listing.

How good does that feel?

I know I know seems like a long process but all other things considered, it takes less than a few minutes to list an item for auction.

Now sit back, watch the auction unfold and think of how you're going to spend or invest your sale money.

And let your mind wander as to the possibilities of what you can sell on Ebay - the possibilities are endless. Just remember, One man's trash is another's treasure!

Yes, you deserve another choccy bikkie, heck go grab the rest of the packet and indulge :)

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