Starting a New Life On The Road

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If you have children and would like to take your family on the road then there are a few things that you need to have prepared before hand. A few essentials that you will need to travel safely, comfortable and easily.

Starting Your Travels

Starting a New Life On The Road takes a bit of planning before heading off. Its not as easy to just jump into the car and head off when you have family. There used to be a time (when you were single) when it was possible to head out the door with cash, car keys and one set of clothes. As soon as you have a family on the scene it takes a bit of planning, packing and knowing where you are going. Having a good first aid kit is a must, and water bottles/sunscream/hats/change of clothes for everyone will make your traveling a smooth ride

Starting A New Life on The Road

Sometimes you have just jump with two feet and take a chance. That is what Lisa did when she brought a bus from ebay and then had to tell Hubby afterwards!! To say he was stunned was a understatement. After the shock wore off and he got used to the idea, A New Life on the Road started. To get the bus ready and to get the family on the road took a bit of preparation and hard work.

Here are Five Tips For Starting A New Life On The Road
1. Make sure you have Car/Caravan/Bus/Motorhome that is big enough for the whole family so that you are able to stay together
2. Have a really good look at what needs fixing before heading on the road. Its better to do the major jobs before heading off.
3. Pack up what you are taking with you to travel with, have a short trip and then re-pack again. Its amazing to see how much you really do not need once on the road.
4. Connect with other people that are traveling so that you can compare notes/hints/tips and find out how to travel safely.
5. Take out insurance on your Car/Caravan/Bus/Motorhome so that if you have any accidents/break downs along the way you will be covered.

New Life On The Road

It is possible to travel with a family....and no matter what the ages you will always need to be prepared. Five minutes of preparation before hand will safe a lot of time on the road and everyone will have a great trip.

Remember the sunscream, hats, water bottles, insect repellent, change of clothes, board games, snacks, maps, music, plastic bags and have a great Start to New Life on the Road.!

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