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As a powerseller on eBay we learnt a number of key things from other ebayers as well as our customers.

5 Key Areas That Sellers and Buyers Need To Do!

  1. Always be prompt in replies and courteous to others (be fair to one another)
  2. Sellers should have a process to ensure that they can track orders and issues.
  3. Always aim for a WIN-WIN situation, do this by working together and not threatening bad feedback.
  4. If an issue does arise, you should look at the dispute console and use it but for sellers it is a key tracking tool for when we are busy.
  5. Serious sellers should invest in email systems and look at how they do business with their customers but just as important with your staff to make sure you are all on the same page!

Of course there are heaps more areas that can be discussed but in a nut shell if sellers are serious in providing adequate services then not only will they have immaculate feedback but also well run business processes. Ebay provides many great tools but just as important each seller should have well designed business operations. We all are consumers and let's face it, not all transactions go perfectly - so being prepared is always key.

Happy ebaying,

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