Steps to Self Improvement

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Steps to Self Improvement

Take Your Time:

  • A surplus of energy will be provided when commencing this work, yet a vast proportion of this can be taken up with concentration and thinking.


  • · Learn to relax
    · Choose a mantra for your needs
    · Practice positive speech

Meet people & accept them as good:

  • See their goodness & beauty, graciousness and their need to assist you
  • Walk Straight:
  • Be Graceful
  • Be Interested in other people:
  • Get to understand their hopes, dreams, fears and life experiences. Listen to what they are sharing with you.

Confront yourself in others:

  • Recognise that negative aspects of people may be aspects of your own personality or past experiences needing to be healed.
  • As you grow realise you know less:
  • This gets harder and harder. As you mind is expanded to new possibilities, the options and advancement become limitless, your personal world grows larger and larger and in the big picture you appear to know less and less of your ever increasing possibilities.
  • This is wonderful as it heralds new openings and avenues for you whilst humbling yourself in the world and its spiritual masters.

Steps to Greater Awareness

1. Positively affirm life
2. Be non judgemental about life
3. Don’t get confused – hold onto a stable point within
4. Set reachable goals
5. Learn to forgive and forget
6. Listen carefully
7. (Sometimes) act before you think – correct your errors as you go
8. Let people know you genuinely like them

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