Stokke Xplory Stroller Buying Guide

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Stokke Xplory Stroller Buying Guide

Strollers are one of the many items that parents need when they have a young child. Carrying a baby for any length of time can get exhausting, and a stroller can help with that. Active parents who want to continue walking and going places have a much easier time with a stroller. TheStokke Xplory in particular is the perfect solution for those who want a highly functional stroller that is comfortable for the parents as well as the child. With all of the adjustable features, parents can make the stroller fit perfectly and reduce any aches from pushing a stroller around that tweaks their back or muscles in the wrong way. The Stokke Xplory is definitely a viable option for parents who want the best.

About the Stokke Xplory Stroller

The Xplory stroller is unlike many others, with a design that fits around the needs of the parents as well as the baby. Its elevated height and adjustable handle makes it easy for parents to push the stroller without stooping. The baby seat fits infants as well as older babies because it adjusts to grow with the baby and keep them in maximum amounts of comfort the entire time. In addition to being comfortable, the stroller keeps the parent and the baby in close contact the whole time with a tiltable reversed carriage. Parents can also trust the durable build and can expect to have their Stokke Xplory stroller for many years.

Stokke Xplory Stroller Features

The trouble with traditional strollers is that the baby is down on the ground level under the parent. Stokke decided to get rid of this problem by elevating the carriage so that the child is much closer to the parent. Not only is this calming to babies, but it also gives parents the ability to stay in communication with their child without having to stop and stoop down constantly. The height is adjustable so that parents of different statures can bring the baby to their level. The entire stroller with the seat weighs 12.1 kg and it is 123 cm tall.

Carry Cot

One of the many convenient features of the Xplory stroller is the removable carry cot. If parents are bringing their child in a building or somewhere that they do not want to take the stroller, they can simply remove the cot from the stroller frame and carry the baby around in it. The hood is adjustable to block the sun and there is a visor that pulls out and covers the baby. However, even with the visor and hood extended, there is plenty of ventilation for the baby. Regardless of the climate, the cot is so adjustable that parents can keep their baby comfortable at all times.

Cruise Seat

As mentioned earlier, the baby seat moves up and down to adjust how close the child is to their parents. Keeping the baby close helps babies feel safer and secure. Another benefit of having the seat raised higher off the ground is that it easily rolls up to tables and is above table height. At restaurants and when visiting friends' homes, it can double as a practical highchair.

As the baby grows, the footrest adjusts to make room for their feet. Older children also have access to a step that allows them to get in and out of the stroller on their own. Shortening the footrest prevents infants' feet and legs from dangling.

There are several removable pads within the seat that keep infants supported. When the baby grows, those pads are removable to adjust the depth and width of the seat. Parents can also adjust the baby's angle of position by tilting the seat forward or backward which makes it easy for the child to nap when needed.


The seat's hood folds back and parents can completely remove it if they want to. It is waterproof and gives the baby plenty of ventilation even when fully extended. A mosquito net comes with it to close off the opening and keep the child safe from bugs.

Shopping Bag

Each Stokke Xplory stroller comes with a matching shopping bag. The bag attaches to the stroller close to the ground, easily comes off, and has straps to carry it around. It is perfect for holding baby necessities or goodies for the trip. The company offers the stroller and matching bag in six different colours: beige, brown, red, purple, dark navy, and black melange.


The Xplory is not known for its ability to fold into a compact travel stroller. This can be a disadvantage for some parents. However, the seat is removable and the frame does fold down slightly so that it fits in the boot of a car better. Because of all its features, the Xplory is also fairly heavy in comparison with other, similar, strollers.

How to Buy

Choosing whether or not to purchase a Stokke Xplory stroller is a big decision because they are more expensive than many other strollers. However, by shopping online parents may be able to cut back on the price. There are new and used strollers on eBay and sales appear everyday on theeBay Deals page. To browse the many products available on eBay just type keywords such as " Stokke Xplory" in the search bar found on every page.

There are thousands of products on eBay which can get overwhelming. Therefore, you can add the strollers you like to your Watch List in order to keep track of them while you shop. Keeping track of the ones with potential helps save time and prevent the hassle of finding items all over again.

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