Stop Motion Animation - Which is the best Camera?

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What Stop Motion Camera should I buy?

Your final results largely come down to the quality and features of your stop motion animation camera.  It’s the most important part you’ll buy in your kit so be sure pick the right one.  You don’t have to spend a fortune.  In fact there are cameras under $100 that produce results better than some advanced DSLR cameras for stop motion.
BASIC CAMERA under $100
Whilst we use the word “basic” don’t be fooled. Some of these cameras have an image quality and unique features that you wont even get with the higher priced DV cameras.
Most have full HD sensors but what you need to be really careful about here is the ability to switch off auto focus or not have autofocus.  It’s a nightmare in stopmotion when the camera autofocuses in and out or refocuses as you adjust your models.  So be careful!
Logitech and Creative webcams:
PRO’s - provide excellent image quality and are user friendly and cheap. 
CONS - However they don’t offer a manual focus option.  Limited mounting options. Not all designed for tripod mounting.
The “aGent” brand of webcams
PRO’s- seem to offer the most unique and tailored solution to stop motion animation enthusiasts. Very high image quality with a manual focus that stays put!  A tripod thread that allows mounting to all sorts of stands and a strong and sturdy steel frame (yeah not plastic here!)
CONS- Whilst more expensive than a Logitech, they are still under the $100 mark (around $70-80 USD or $99.95 AUD). The one downfall is they seem to only ship from Australia but free worldwide.
 RECOMMEND - When comparing features to price and build quality specifically for Stop motion animation the aGent webcam wins out.

These cameras offer great functionality along with quality. They are a lot more bulky usually and some have great mounting options and others just are not designed with stop motion in mind.
PROS: They offer a live hig res video that will usually be the same quality as the still image.
CONS: They are often large and power through the juice. Sometimes are fiddly which can be annoying when trying to keep the camera still!
RECOMMEND: The best of the bunch remain to be Sony and  Panasonic 3CCD chip DV cameras.

We dont recommended these for beginners, but if you are in the advanced stage and looking for a lot more functionality than a webcam then give them a go.
PROS: Provide the best image quality.
CONS: The best image quality comes at a price! They are the most expensive option. Canon is the best brand in this category.
Things to keep in mind…
Full HD is 1920x1080p. So unless you are broadcasting your stop motion animation video in an IMAX cinema its highly unlikely you’ll need a camera that does higher than that.  If you are showing your video on TV’ screen, youtube and so on a FULL HD camera is all you will ever need!  Even a 1080x720p resolution will give excellent quality on your average TV and youtube.  Going higher in res can often be a scam to get you to pay more.  So be sure to look for full HD and you’ll be set.
Programs like Stop Motion pro do let you use all of the above mentioned USB webcams.  Generally these days the stop motion animation programs are versatile with cameras.
Enjoy your camera search and we hope the above guide helps
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